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Alicia KeysAlicia Keys was born on January 25, 1981 in Manhattan, New York. Her artistic talent was revealed when she was just four years old, when she played a part in “The wizard of Oz”. Her musical talent was revealed at an early age as well, while her natural intelligence impressed everyone around her. The influence of Alicia’s mother on her life was enormous. Alicia’s mother ambition was her daughter to learn to play the piano and her words “You can give up everything else, but not your piano lessons!” made an impact on the personality of the African-American singer. Alicia attended a professional music school in Manhattan, where she improved her vocal abilities as a singer. Miss Keys graduated from high school at the age of 16, and then she entered the Columbia University where she studied composition and music. In 1999, she received an offer for an album and started working with Cleve Davis at J Records on “Songs in A Minor.” The album hit the top of the charts and Alicia’s reputation as a talented singer rose. The characteristic thing for Alicia is that she writes the lyrics for her songs herself. She composes the music for her songs and sings them. She sings with a devotion, which impresses her audience. All her abilities combined with her beauty and attractive appearance, youth and sex appeal are a guarantee for success, wealth and fame.

Alicia Keys News
Alicia Keys has signed a contact with G.P. Putnam’s Sons for two new albums “Songbook” and “The Diary of Alicia Keys”. The lyrics for the song will be made available to the fans in November.. / Thursday May 6/****......................................................................................................................................
According to informed sources, Alicia Keys will play in a movie produced by Halle Berry personally. The motion picture will be a biographic history about the life of the piano player Philippa Schuyler. / April 17, 2004 /
Recent album, The Diary of Alicia Keys, was met with apathy by critics, and performing to an alarmingly thin and subdued Apollo crowd there was a worry we ... Manchester Evening News, UK - Jun 23, 2004
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