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Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie was born in a family of actors. Her mother is the actress Mircheline and her father is the famous Academy Award winner, Jon Voight. Jolie is an exceptional actress, she has irresistible charisma, the aura of a fatal woman combined with undeniable talent.
At 11, Jolie studied acting with Lee Strasberg and later took part in several of his productions, but also flirted with the director. She says, “There is something about death that is comforting. The thought, you could die tomorrow frees you to appreciate your life now”.
Jolie’s love of theater and cinema had driven her back to New Studies, before she moved to Los Angelis, where she acted and studied with a theatrical company of proven actors such as Ed Harris.
Her first role in a big movie was almost unnoticeable – Cyborg II: Glass Shadows, 1993, where she played a supporting part.Jolie played her first leading role in her next movie shot in 1995. This was an important event in her life, because she made her first steps in the entertainment industry. During the movie shots, she met the British actor Lonny Lee Miller, whom she later married.
Jolie’s rebellious spirit and her nonstandard nature create a lot of controversy in Hollywood, which comes handy for the sensation-seeking reporters. Her wedding with the British actor wasnonstandard as well, she did not wear a white dress. Jolie appeared wearing a T-shirt and leather pants.
The next movie in her carrier was Legs, 1996, based on the novel of Joyce Card Oates – Foxfire.
Then Jolie played in Love in and there is and in Playing God, 1997. She has received many awards including a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress as well as an Emmy nomination.
Jolie’s dramatic talent was quite successfully revealed in the drama Gia, produced by HBO in 1998, for which she received a Golden Globe Statuette and another Emmy nomination.She also played other memorable roles, which presented quite a challenge to other actors. With her present husband Billy Bob Thornton, Jolie played the comedy role of the year in the movie The Bone Collector.She managed to provoke characteristic emotions from the audience with her roles of sexy sociopaths in Girl and Interrupted. During the next years of her carrier, Jolie received other rewards, including an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.The role that considerably increased the number of her fans was that of the adventuress Lara Croft from the movie Tomb Raider, which was followed by a sequel where Jolie played with her father, the actor, Jon Voight.Now, the 24-year old star can calmly think about her future and choose her next roles carefully. With her three Golden Globes and an Academy Award on the mantelpiece, she ranks among the successful Hollywood stars.

Angelina Jolie News

A show featuring Alicia Keys, Andrea Bocelli, Angelina Jolie, Josh Groban, Muhammad Ali, and Oprah Winfrey took place in Circus Maximus in Rome, Italy under the motto “We Are the Future Concert”.
Undercover Music News, Australia - May 28, 2004

A Hawaii woman who helped Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie adopt a Cambodian boy has pleaded guilty to visa fraud and money laundering. ... ABC Online, Australia - Jun 25, 2004
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