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Anna KournikovaAnna Kournikova was born in Moscow, Russia on June 7, 1981. Her parents Alla and Sergei always travel with her, following closely her successful career.
The young girl started to play tennis relatively early. When she was nine years old, she took part in the Moscow tennis tournament for the Kremlin Cup, where she was noticed and received the exceptional opportunity to travel and study at Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida.
At 13, the young Russian reached the finals of the Rolex Orange Bowl Tournament, where she unfortunately lost to her Spanish opponent, the 18-year old Marion Ramon. On the next year, Anna played with Ramon again, won and reached the finals of the tournament where she won over Sandra Nacuk from Yugoslavia. In 1999, Anna won the Grand Slam title with Martina Hingis and immediately after this, she won the Australian Open. The young girl quickly climbed to the top 10 tennis players’ chart. With time, her play became better and more serious, but Anna herself grew more attractive as well. Anna became a dream for millions of men around the world and quickly turned into a sex symbol. Her gracious body, athletic figure and long blond hair made her the reporters’ favorite. Anna takes part in many photo sessions, which reveal her talent as a model.
Anna admits that she wants to become an actress. Like any young girl, her interests are perfectly normal and down to earth. Anna loves to read books, to listen to music, to watch TV, to dance, to party and to watch ice hockey.
Anna has a hobby. She collects dolls.
Anna Kournikova draws the attention of the public not only with her attractive appearance, but with her nonstandard behavior as well. In 2000, her name was among the most highly sought names of athletes on the Internet. Currently, Anna Kournikova is one of the most famous women athletes of our time. Her face was used to advertise different sporting and other product brands, including Adidas, Yonex, Berlei (the famous sports bra), Omega and Lycos.
In 1999, the wealth of Anna Kournikova was worth $11 million and by now, it has certainly increased several times. All this makes her one of the most highly paid tennis players in the world. Anna’s face gives a new idea of the contemporary notion of female beauty.
Hard working sports-girl and at the same time a model, she captivates the hearts of millions and makes men dream of her.

Anna Kournikova News

As a face of the world-famous brand OMEGA, Anna Kournikova took part in the presentation of the OMEGA Collection in Singapore. This was her first trip to Singapore.
The young tennis player has recently started participating in a special live TV show. It can turn into her next successful venture.
According to informed sources, which are aware of the musical tastes of the sexy Russian, her favorite songs are:
1. Not in Love (by Enrique Iglesias)
2. Unwell (by Matchbox 20)
3. Addicted (by Enrique Iglesias)
4. Here without You (by Three Doors Down)
5. The Voice within You (by Christina Aguilera)
We should not wonder why Enrique Iglesias’ song comes first on this list, after all they are in love with each other and it seems that their happiness is about to turn their relationship into something more. Only the time will show.

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