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Ashley JuddHer real name is: Ashley Tyler Ciminella. She was born on April, 16th, 1968 in Los Angeles, California. Her mother and her sister are famous country singers, and she herself, is also beloved and well-respected. Ashley's parents get divorced when she is four years old. Two years later, her mother Naomi moves out to Kentucky along with her children. Being 13, Ashley goes through numerous schools and colleges. The reason was the unceasing country music gigs of her sister and mother. All that teaches the young girl to accommodate fast to new environments, which turns out to be critical for her artistic talent - the gift to personify various roles.Later, she will face the opportunity to enter the University of Kentucky, where she studies French and graduates with Phi Beta Kappa honors degree in 1990.Away from the university studies, Ashley takes part in the Peace Corps in Africa, but later decides to embark on more significant projects. Following her sister's persistent advice, she returns to L.A. where she signs her first contract a year later.Ashley is renowned for being outstandingly intelligent. She selects her roles very carefully and this winning formula namely turns her into a favourite for critics.

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The actress takes part in the new adaptation of the classic movie "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". Ashley participates in the shooting process till the very end irrespective of her serious foot trauma that she got while making the same movie.
(February 24, 2004)
American magazine made an interview with her where she had to shed some light on the missed opportunity to play the role of Catwoman in the same movie (The role was given to Halle Berry ). The magazine says, that when Ashley Judd saw the picture of her competitor in the role of Catwoman, she exclaimed: That could have been me.
(December 1, 2003)

Ashley Judd , 90 minutes late for an interviewdue to a spontaneous bubble bath with her two dogs, Buttermilk and Shug, arrived minus makeup and wearing casuals. ... Boston Herald, MA - 5 hours ago
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