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Beastie Boy This remarkable punk rock trio was formed in New York City in 1981 by Mike Diamond and Adam Yauch, with drummer Kate Schellenbach and guitarist John Berry. Their first steps together were a good sign of active influence on the flourishing underground club scene. Two years later, they merge forces with aspiring record moguls Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons and their fledgling Def Jam Records to produce some high-quality records that send them to a tour with pop-diva Madonna. The bands debut album Licensed to Ill comes three years being a real sensation with its mix of heavy metal riffs, punk attitude, and hip-hop taste. The second record release is another miracle on the punk scene; Paul's Boutique is considered as a sign of the great progress that Beastie Boys have reached in their career as artists. This advance logically prompts them to establish their own record label (Grand Royal) and start recording in their own studio (G-Son). These new conditions pave the way for their third album release Check Your Head that marks their great return in 1992. The subsequent Ill Communication confirms their status of one of the most influential bands of the decade. After a 4-year period of keeping behind the scene, Beastie Boys appear in the spotlight with the release of 1998's Hello Nasty that repeats the success of its predecessors. The bands latest release so far is The Sounds of Science, a compilation that includes rare mixes and unreleased tracks. Beyond their gravitational activity, Beastie boys are also famous for being founders of The Milarepa Foundation which is dedicated to draw global attention to the consequences of Chinese oppression of Tibet and its people. Other field of activity for the boys are publishing (founders of Grand Royal Magazine) and fashion (X-Large Clothing is their own line).

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Hip-hop veterans The Beastie Boys latest album has been released. It represents a concert DVD, capturing some of their best gigs lately through the cameras of 50 fans of the trio. This step was inspired by an uploaded recording of one of their gigs on the Internet, taken with a fan's mobile phone camera. 03/04/2006

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... we needed to do a night where we played Tribe Called Quest and Beastie Boys," BMF ... Every week expect to see crews of b-boy dancers breakdancing endlessly - and ...
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