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Billy Joel Billy Joel is a name in the popular music world that is certainly worthy of notice. A pianist, a songwriter and a pop singer, Billy leaves deep traces in the known practices of high-quality music creation. Being only 25 when his first album is released in 1974 (Piano Man), he shows exceptional gift for writing melodic tunes with a great sentimental charge. His music is emblematic for the 1970s when he releases several hits, including four hit singles from 1977's The Stranger. His contribution to the music of 1970s is rewarded in 1979 when he wins two Grammies. Through the years Billy keeps up the good creative pace and by the 1990s he is declared to be one of the most successful recording artists in history. This honor earns him induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. In personal life, Joel has a 9-year marriage to supermodel Christie Brinkley behind his back and a daughter Alexa Ray. Currently he is married to Kate Lee.

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Billie Joel ended a one month spell at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California, where he was recovering from alcohol addiction. Friends of the star reveal that he looks really fit and healthy, now dedicated to a very sober lifestyle. 20 April, 2006

Rocker Billy Joel attempted suicide by drinking furniture polish on account of being tormented by an affair with his drummer's wife Elizabeth Small. What made Billy suffer to such a suicidal extent was the need for his relationship with Elizabeth to be kept secret. Billys depression found expression in his new book Billy Joel: The Life And Times Of A Young Man. The suffering singer was saved by Jon Small, his bandmate that he was betraying. What an irony!

... For Nederlander, 45, and countless others about his age, the story of the teen sweethearts is a familiar image from Billy Joel's song, "Scenes From an Italian ...
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