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Bo Derek Bo Derek was born in November 20th, 1956 in Long Beach, CA., in an Irish/German/Dutch-California family, under the name Mary Cathleen Collins . She is the oldest of all four children in the family. Bo deals with water sports at Santa Barbara Harbor, where she demonstrates her talent for sailing skilfully to her friends and familiars. Bo's father worked in the field of advertising. She shares about her father " He took care to find jobs which involved the 'toys' he liked, so he was always bringing home prototypes to try out". The inventions of her father amused everybody at home. She grows up as a happy and beloved child. Bo Derek admits to have never dreamt of a movie career that will shoot her to the glamourous world of celebrities. While young she still works at the surf store and does not even suggest what shiny future is awaiting her. Her athletic body and unmatched beauty make the others incite her to become a model.Blond hair and blue eyes (that she has for sure) have always been the key factor for success everywhere. The teenager does not even suggest how profitable the model career could be!The first photo sessions help her buy the first surf.Being 15 years old, she gets the offer to work as a model in Hawaii, where her father works for a ship company.The photographers are strongly impressed by her behaviour and magnetism. Eyes that reflect her wisdom (irrespective of her innocent age),natural beauty, manners and internal light. Later she takes part in tv deodorant commercials and a show hosted by ?nn-Margret in Las Vegas . There she encounters with a theatre agent, who is immediately captivated by her irresistible charm and sexiness. His words of reaction: "You should be in movies" occur to be crucial for her dazzling movie career.

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According to recent statements, Bo Derek and John Corbett took the decision to get married. Rumours have it that they both resorted to this move in order to raise their relationship to a much higher level. Presently. they both reside in the John estate in West.

Hollywood . For the moment, they both behave as a married couple. Neighbours share with the media : They don't hide their relationship at all!
They both can be seen holding tight each other in the streets - casting friendly glances around, greeting people passing by.

Bo Derek launched her own brand for fragrant dog foods.

... That group was reduced to 10 before the five finalists were named. The panel of judges included Emilio Estefan, actress Bo Derek and supermodel Petra Nemcova. ... Syracuse Post Standard, NY - Jun 2, 2004
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