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Bowie David Traditional words are helpless to describe the magical lifestyle of David Bowie - the first post modern star on the pop scene that maintains a consistently high standard over the whole bunch of years of his long-lasting career. The unusual approach to presenting his creative ideas to the public turns him into a trademark character of the 70's music scene that is dominated by rock hunks like Led Zep and Deep Purple, and the precursor to the New Romantic movement of the '80s. Born 58 years ago in London, David has not stopped surprising the world with his innovative look and feel. How a mime becomes a notable pop star? With affinity for eccentric theatrics, impeccable sense of metamorphosis and shiny behavior, David goes through a series of music groups and releases his first solo album (1967) to later be ready to sign to Mercury Records in 1969 that launch his free-spirited Man Of Words, Man of Music (1969),and the gritty The Man Who Sold The World. In his convincing stride to the stardom peak David experiments on mixing various music genres to release Hunky Dory (1971) - a mixture of folk, rock and futurist tunes. David's passion for live performance sees him specializing in rock theater performance- his The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars is a sheer masterpiece that the talented artist presents in brilliant live shows. Ziggy's apocalyptic tone creeps into his Aladdin Sane album that hits the tops of the UK charts in 1973. The following Diamond Dogs strengthens his position of the biggest rock star in Europe, whose style patterns foments the atmosphere for the punk explosion of 70s'. His sense of experimental music also conquers America (albums Young Americans and Station To Station, focusing on soul music, and Low, Heroes, Lodger, touching upon themes of fascism and dictatorship through synth-based ambient sound). Following is a sequence of successful releases, among which Let's Dance proves to be the most commercial album in David's career. Bowie's freedom of mind successfully plunges him to the movie scene. Projects like The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976), Labyrinth, Absolute Beginners perfectly convey his eccentric art vision.Another field of his talent's outburst is the soundtrack recording, where he scores some great hits such as the soundtracks to the BBC drama Buddha of Suburbia (1992) and The Falcon and the Snowman (1985). In his latest works, David keeps the high-quality innovative work that is favored by the critics. 2002's Heathen album and 2003's Reality mark David's unfading might in creating role models for younger generation of artists.

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David Bowie will star in this year’s 2005 Fashion Rocks show. The event will be held at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on September 8 within the Big Apple’s fashion week. One of the pop icons whose music concepts have turned into lifestyle patterns, will perform in the company of teen idols such as Gwen Stefani, the Arcade Fire and Joss Stone. Aug 9, 2005
David Bowie is one of the protagonists in the recently released on DVD - The Dick Cavett Show - Rock Icons. The remarkable release features highlights from the episodes of the famous show in the period: 1969-1974, including two live performances of David - "1984" and "Young Americans." Other stars on the set include Mick Jagger, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon etc.. Aug 22, 2005

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The Fast and the Furious star has joined tha cast of the World War II epic Flags of Our Fathers, directed by Bowie David (Million Dollar Baby). Although he said he wasn't performing this year, David Bowie has got one show on his schedule. He'll take part in the upcoming Fashion Rocks event at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on October 8, 2005
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