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Brad Pitt It's definitely hard to boil down the biography of this Hollywood sexsymbol to a few lines. Coming from Shawnee, Oklahoma, the extremely talented cutie takes the big screen by storm, proving that he is not just a piece of incredible sweetness. Surrounded by a good family, with all the opportunities to grow in life as an average boy, all of a sudden Brad dashes to California with $325 in his pocket in search of the real passion. The very beginning of his career abounds in hardships, short-lived relationships, funny moments but most of all - the impeccable belief in his power to succeed. On the long way to flashing stardom, Brad is involved in numerous TV and movie appearances that brushed up his acting gift. He gets more and more noticeable to the critic after his roles in Ridley Scott's Thelma And Louise, True Romance, Kalifornia, Interview With The Vampire. His role in Legends Of The Fall is a mere eruption of his talent that meanwhile turns him into an object of women obsession. Following is a series if remarkable roles where he ardently proves that beneath his looks lies first-class acting power: Seven, 12 Monkeys, Meet Joe Black, Fight Club, Snatch, The Mexican, Ocean's 11, Troy, Mr And Mrs Smith etc. Being an epitome of charm, Brad has logically dates some of the most craved Hollywood goddesses. It's enough to mention that his recent break-up with Jennifer Aniston was followed by a relationship with the brilliant Angelina Jolly.

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Brad and Jennifer Hire Private Divorce Judge Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were reported to have hired a private divorce judge to take part in the final steps of their divorce. Taking advantage of concessions that are only typical of Californian legislation, the ex-couple will avoid the need to reveal publicly the causes of their official split.... 17 June 2005
People reporter arrested on Brat's property People magazine reporter Jeffrey Neal Weiss was arrested while trespassing on Brad Pitt's house in Santa Barbara, California during the birthday party of Angelina Jolie's son Maddox. Pitt's publicist Cindy Guagenti qualified this as an act of disrespect for people's privacy, a very negative point for the whole media as well. Next month will be clear if Pitt will file or dismiss charges against the intruder..... 18 August 2005
Brad called Daddy by Jolie's Son Angelina Jolie's adopted son Maddox called Brad Pitt "Daddy" at a recent photo shoot in California, thus stirring a commotion among the crew members. It's obvious that Brad's enormous desire to become a father has had a deep impact on Jolie's three-year-old cutie. Is that a simple sign of affection or the little boy has serious grounds to consider Brad as his father?... 5 August 2005

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LONDON: Brad Pitt has lashed out at the press for using unflattering pictures of his estranged wife Jennifer Aniston to point out how badly his relationship ...
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