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Bridget FondaShe was born in Los Angeles on January 27th, 1964 in the family of the renowned actor Peter Fonda and the actress Susan (Brewer) Fonda. She is their oldest child. Bridget was named after Bridget Hayward, whom her father was being in love with all the time. All the members of her family are actors - her grandfather - Henry Fonda; her aunt - Jane Fonda. In 1972 her parents split and her mother moves to the Coldwater Canyon section of Los Angeles taking her children with her. Far away from their father. In an interview concerning her life, Bridget will share about her family and home: "When I was a kid, the most important thing for me was my home. People would come and go, and things would change, but that place wouldn’t. I loved it. I want to have that for the rest of my life. I want to have a place ". Bridget grows up as an independent child. She is committed to proving that she is able to succeed beyond the shade of popularity of her parents. She signs up to study actor studies at the New York University’s celebrated Lee Strasberg Theatre institute where she enriches her talent in the course of four years. Through the first years on the theatre stage, she suffers the common for all actors stage fever and the fact of carrying the burden of her famous name. She is anxious about the fact that she would not be approved of, that she would not manage to match the expectations of directors and people in general.
To a reporter for the People magazine she says: “When you’ve got all eyes on you, people saying, ‘She’s not so hot,’ you sort of with you were a nobody,” She features in theatre performances “Aria” (1987) and “Scandle” (1989). Namely, the latter performance leads to the following job offers. She takes part in the movies Shag” and “Strapless and participates in tv productions: Fox’s 21 Jump Street, HBO’s The Edge, and PBS’s Wonder Works tale “Jacob Have I Loved”. Over the coming several years she makes numerous movies but all of them are low-budget ones. Her performance in “Single White Female” is qualified by the critics as "expressive performance to date". In 1993 she shoots the action movie "Point of No Return' followed by the really hot “Singles” (1992), “It Could Happen to You” (1994), “and “The Road to Wellville” (1994). Peter Fonda, himself, considers her daughter as the most gifted actor in the family. As a recognition for her indisputable talent, she is awarded for Best Actress for: Rough Magic .

Brifget Fonda News

Bridget Fonda married to the composer Danny Elfman, whom she had been officially engaged to since March.
Bridget Fonda suffers numerous traumas after a car accident in the area of Malibu
According to accredited sources, David E. Kelley - the director of ALLY MCBEAL projected Bridget Fonda for the role of the eccentric lawerRegretfully, Bridget Fonda rejects the offer - she is staring at the movie scene.
Few know that in 1969 Bridget Fonda appears for a while among the crowd in an episodic scene in the movie "EASY RIDER".
Bridget Fonda has been named under 85 in the Empire magazine ranking of the sexiest beauties in the world.

... Respect and modest box-office success came Raimi's way for 1998's "A Simple Plan," starring Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda and Bill Paxton, and 2000's "The ... The Ledger, FL - 23 hours ago
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