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Cameron Diaz Everybody knows the tall and smart blond cutie that drove Jim Carrey crazy and made all men do stupid things. There's Something about Mary . This is Cameron
Diaz. Charming smile, tender and beautiful face. Not by chance, People Magazine names her to the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world. Her breakthrough begins at 16 , when she is offered to pose for a Hollywood photographer - from Elite Modelling Agency. Together with another young model she
goes to Japan, in order to continue with her career. At 4 she goes around half of the world - all modern capitals and cities there. She travels from Paris to Morocco to Milan and even to Australia . For a while (that lasts 5 years only) she lives with her boyfriend:Carlos De La Torre in a Holltwood apartment. She makes it to the big screen by The Mask, where she manages to make the comedian Jim Carrey fall in love with her heroine. At that time, her talent for acting is in excess, for she has rehearsed for a long time and has a long-term experience from the numerous performances for Calvin Klein, Levi's, and Coca-Cola - advertisement . Being 21, she is an experienced model, with incredible background. There come movies with Cameron starring, where she gets short
appearances - that bores her a lot. The director Charles Russell, who notices her talent and manages to convince the producers from New Line Cinema to give
her the main role - this is how great career starts. In 1996 she takes part in Feeling Minnesota along with Keanu Reeves, followed by other successful movies, where she manifests her graceful body. Combined with her indisputable talent this gift appeals to millions of fans all across the world. Cameron co-stars with Julia Roberts in My Best Friend Wedding.She partners with Ewan McGregor in A Live Less Ordinary, afterwards Cameron makes everybody laugh in the nutty comedy There Something About Mary . A short pause follows before her great return by Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, and afterwards she appears in Any Given Sunday. Her latest movie: Very Bad things tours around Europe and USA drawing many new fans Cameron takes part in animations as well, giving her voice to the enchanted princess in Shrek, and in Charlie's Angels she demonstrates her magnificent body that provokes the pink dreams of thousands of men.

Cameron Diaz News
Cameron Diaz along wih her current boyfriend Justin Timberlake scared the passengers of the first-class jet out of their wits by behaving
unconventionally. The couple opened a bottle of sparkling wine at the Qantas flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia .
On the plane, they kept on behaving as students, intruding the calmness of passengers during the multi-hour flight.
According to accredited sources, last week they broke so that Cameron could focus on her career.
However, this does not prove real, as the couple was making a great noise showing intimacy. Among the chats with the passengers they demonstrated their
commitment to each other. They ordered first-class pyjamas and played Mah Jong with the passengers. Timberlake spent 10 days with his beloved in Australia.
27 May 2004
The sexy Cameron Diaz met journalists with a smashed nose. In her words, this is owed to a surf accident last summer. To her, however, this is not a great
problem as she has a good experience in similar happenings.
11 June 2004
The sexy Cameron Diaz met journalists with a smashed nose. In her words, this is owed to a surf accident last summer. To her, however, this is not a great
problem as she has a good experience in similar happenings.
27 May 2004
'Shrek 2' - turns out to be a real money machine. The movie reached $11,5 of revenues - this is nothing by comparison with the $11,8 million of revenue from
the first day of the movie's first appearance. To date, the total income amounts to $140,0 million. Not bad for an animation movie.
26 May 2004
The 31-year-old Cameron Diaz placed an ultimatum to her boyfriend - the 22-year-old Justin Timberlake. If he does not stop flirting with Elisha Cuthbert then they will have to split.
3 May 2004
Cameron Diaz and her ex-boyfriend Jared Leto bumped into each other and avoided each other. Diaz and Justin Timberlake were enjoying ..., India - Jun 27, 2004
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