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carmen_electra Nee Tara Leigh Patrick, Carmen Electra came into the world on the 20th of April, 1972 in White Oak, Ohio. She grows up as a talented child, who makes it to a prestigious School for Creative and Performing Arts, when being just nine. At that period Carmen starts taking singing lessons, thus brushing her vocal talent up. While developing into an adult, she takes part in musicals (as a dancer). Carmen cherishes the dream to enter into a contract in Los Angeles, which is almost on its way to turn into reality, when she is 15. Electra comes to the firm decision to move to Minneapolis along with her sister, where she acts as a model. 4 years later she manages to move to Los Angeles. A week only passes before she encounters the musical genius Prince, who is actually the one to make up the pseudonym Carmen Electra. Despite the great help she receives from Prince for the promotion of her debut album, her career of a musician fails. The following initiative she undertakes, proves to be quite winning for her career: posing for Hugh Hefner's magazine. A year later Electra is chosen to host the MTV's Singled Out as a substitute for Jenny McCarthy. Although her contract with MTV suggests the broadcasting of 65 episodes of the show, Carmen doesn't manage to catch up with Jenny's fame, which dooms the program to failure. However, this misfortune does not cease her access to the MTV screen - she gets the chance to host another show - Loveline on the world music channel. However, her great success strikes when she starts appearing in Baywatch Hawaii, in 1997 and 1998. Since then, Carmen's career starts escalating. She becomes the official speaker for Budweiser and appears in 2000's comedy Scary Movie. Carmen goes through a passionate relationship with Dennis Rodman. In 1998 they wed, bringing the marriage to an end just 9 days later. Her career keeps going with supporting appearances in Get Over It, Perfume, Sol Goode, Whacked! and Rent Control (2001). In 2003 she gets roles in: Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, Uptown Girls and My Boss's Daughter. In November 2003, Carmen legalizes her long-running relationship with the guitarist Dave Navarro. In 2004, Carmen accepts a role in the comedy of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson: Starsky & Hutch.

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The appealing actress Carmen Electra happened to be in an uneasy situation at the shooting of a series, when the actor she had to kiss with, kept on doing that in front of his wife's eyes, after the filming had already terminated. Former star from Baywatch, who is currently married to Dave Navarro, appeared in the American comedy Hope & Faith as the lover, rival of the show star Kelly Ripa, who is also a wife of Mark Consuelos in real life, the man the two characters compete for.
21 January 2005
Ex-Baywatch cutie Carmen Electra got back to the beach, after getting a role in the TV series Summerland.
Former Baywatch beauty Carmen Electra disappointed the multitude of fans of hers, when taking the crucial decision to remove the silicon pads, she had once implanted.
That is the mantra Carmen Electra is using to teach other women how to exercise and strip to turn on their husbands or boyfriends at home.
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