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Chingy Growing up with the melodies of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, the Tempations, Chingy gets inspired to express his emotionality via music. His efforts through the years give birth to his triple platinum debut album Jackpot through which Chingy takes the rap scene by storm in 2003. His passion for music and the great success of Jackpot make him a studio maniac as he almost takes up residence in recording houses. His dedication to music pays off even more with the release of his second stellar record PowerBallin'. Recorded mainly in Chingy's home studio, the high-energy collection features top-tier production from The Trak Starz and David Banner, as well as up-and-coming beatmakers Keith McMasters, Vudu and The Beatstaz. In Chingy's words, his music is primarily based on the heartbeat of the street, reflecting on the plenty of edgy and rough situations that the street crowds face. Through the second album Chingy demonstrates emotional growth in depicting his agitations of soul.

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There is the "old school" dancer. A person whose stock fall back dances include the lawn mower, sprinkler and funky monkey. Usually, this dance is accompanied by something from the Monster 80's soundtrack, but can ascend to the humorous level when coupled with some hip and or hop from Chingy. November 09, 2005

.. When they think of the Midwest they think of someone like Chingy or chingy, or Bone, stuff like more of the gimmicky artists instead of the true emcees out there ...
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