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Christine LakinHer full name is: Christine Helen Lakin . She was born January 25th, 1979 in Dallas, Texas. Her family often switches places,
until the final settlement in Atlanta, Georgia. Here Christine initiates her career as an actress. She is a member of a theatre team, that performs at schools, as well as in the subway. Her first TV appearance is in the advertisement: TV-commercial - "Got Milk?"
Right after this she is noticed and gets numerous offers. She plays in: Rose in the civil-war flick Rose and
the Jackal, The (1990) (TV), which also starred ‘Christopher Reeve' . Her big star comes up with the series: Step by Step" (1991).
Christine graduates successfully from high school in 1997 ,appearing for different programs and shows. The hit Step by Step is off air.
In 2000 the movie Whatever It Takes is released, she takes part in it.

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"Monster" is such a long-expected role, that Christine Lakin gets after numerous years of wandering and participations.
Fans can enjoy her new image - the genre is horror film and has the pretensions to be a big-budget blockbuster. As it is described by the actress herself: "Frankenstein meets a psycho killer." In the movie Christine personifies the role of a student who gets involved in sinister circumstances that are soaked with lots of fear, uncertainties and weird sci-fi.

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