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Claire DanesShe was born in New York and is the younger child in the family - her older brother is called Asa. Her mother teaches drawing, and her father is a computer
consultant. They meet at an Arts school and that's why later encourage their daughter to deal with arts. Being just 6 , Claire begins to study modern dances ,which would represent a future for her.
At 9 Claire goes to dance lessons at Lee Strasberg Studio. As a young teenager she attends Professional Performing Arts School in New York .
Claire Danes's career starts with her appearance on the Broadway stage in the plays: "Happiness," "Punk Ballet," and "Kids on Stage," where she is both a solo performer and a choreographer. Claire also appears on television as a photomodel who kills her agent "Law and Order," as well as in "No Room For Opal," as Tyne Daly's daughter; and "The Coming Out of Heidi Leiter," as a gay woman's sister . At 11 she takes part in "Dreams of Love," with Milos Forman as executive producer . She also performs for the short movie: "Thirty," created for the designer Geoffrey Beene . When being off work, Claire Danes spends the leisure time with old friends. She keeps on dancing and wishes warmly to commit herself more actively to her new hobby - surfing.

Claire Danes News
Terminator 3 is released - the premier is in North America
Forthcoming premier of Terminator 3, on Jul 2, 2000
The press releses a listing featuring Claire as a presenter at 2003 MTV Movie Awards, airing June 5 @ 9:00PM.
Claire will present the movie "The Hours" at The Late Show with David Letterman, this Tuesday - January 14 .
... Claire Danes, one of the most gifted actresses of the current generation, takes on the title role here in a casting viewed by the staff of BOP as something of ... Box Office Prophets - Jun 28, 2004
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