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Clay Aiken Clay Aiken's year of explosive rocketing to stardom is 2003, when he triumphs on the stage of American Idol, aged only 24. His winning experience in the most popular teen show of the USA automatically provides him with numerous benefits such as a recording contract, as well as Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly magazine covers. The rapidly growing number of fans vote him Fans Choice winner at the 2003 American Music Awards as well as TV Guides Fans Favorite Reality Star that same year. In addition to the means of his charm, Clay wins the audiences with some professionally crafted songs. No wonder his first single 'This is the Night/Bridge Over Troubled Water wins the Billboard Music Award for best-selling single of 2003. His debut solo CD, Measure of a Man, attracts considerable attention, thus obtaining a Double Platinum sales certification from the RIAA. Clay's fans just can't get enough of him, encouraging him to release his holiday CD, Merry Christmas With Love, that turns into a music hit in the holiday season. Clay's elegance in presenting his soul to the public goes beyond the music scene when he releases his memoir entitled Learning to Sing Hearing the Music in Your Life that enjoys a good deal of critical acclaim. Due to his activity as a missionary for the integration of children with disabilities into the normal environment, and for his being a head of Bubel/Aiken Foundation, he is named an Ambassador of Education for All Children and serves with a great success as a national spokesperson for the 2004 Marine Toys for Tots campaign. So young and so successful...he has definitely a lot to give to his fans and society. The best of him is yet to come.

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NBC-owned WNBC New York teamed up with children's charity UNICEF to stage an hour-long commercial-free tsunami benefit show last night, featuring appearances by new UNICEF ambassador Clay Aiken and actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, Debra Messing and Tea Leoni. 6 January 2005

In a recent poll commissioned by Bravo and TV Guide magazine to determine viewers' tastes regarding reality television, "American Idol's" Clay Aiken is number ...
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