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Coldplay The Brit rock quartet with members Chris Martin (vocals/piano), Jon Buckland (guitar), Will Champion (drums) and Guy Berryman (bass) comes to existence in 1996 at the Halls of Residence of University College London, where they all study. Chris combines the guitar with being the vocal singer of the band, Jon plays the guitar too, Guy is the bass player, and Will takes the role of drummer. Their two-year efforts as a new band give a good result their first EP, which they fund and distribute on their own. Their continuous dedication to music-making and performance-doing catches the eye of Simon Williams, the co-founder of Fierce Panda Records who offers them a one-off deal that gives birth to the 'Brothers and Sisters' EP release on the Fierce Panda label. After graduating from UCL in 1999 the band signs to Parlophone Records. This is the landmark moment in their platinum career. With the release of 'Yellow' that turns into a hit single for a short time Coldplay make their voice be heard by the thousands of potential fans of theirs and the album 'Parachutes' attacks the peak of album chart with success. Just a few years later the band is nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, which makes them look ahead and search for new creative challenges in their blossoming career. Such a challenge is the release of 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' in August 2002 that is sold in million copies worldwide and is acclaimed by both fans and critics. With their latest album XandY Coldplay prove that their best works are yet to come. Parallel to their music activity, the band dedicates much of their time and efforts to various charity events and humanitarian initiatives, using the power of music as their main weapon of message distribution.

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Coldplays frontman Chris Martin will take part in Jay-Zs latest album, Kingdom Come, the rappers first new solo release after the official announcement about his retirement after the release of 2003's The Black Album. Jay-Z has decided to return to the spotlight in the company of one of the most successful rock stars nowadays. Other big names on the record are The Neptunes, Dr Dre and Kanye West. The album will hit the shelves of music stores on November 14, and the first single will be 'Show Me What You Got'. Sep 15, 2006

After the success of their latest album X+Y, British rockers Coldplay reported their intention to take a five-year rest from recording to focus on their young families. The frontman, Chris Martin, will dedicate all of his time and efforts to his wife Gwyneth Paltrow and their children Apple and Moses, while bass player Guy Berryman will turn his attention to his new-born daughter Nico. 30/09/2006

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By Bob Gendron. Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin can do no wrong. ... On this tour, Coldplay has been playing virtually the identical set each night. ...
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