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Dannii MinogueDannii Minogue is a pretty popular television star, pop star, actress, presenter, model, and professional entertainer. She's been unparalleled since she was seven. She was born in Australia on October 20th 1971 under the name Danielle Jane Minogue. Her first appearances in Australian showbusiness is in two tv shows:Skyways and The Sullivans. Her first music album is released when she is fust 15. In the course of 6 years her outstanding talent makes her so popular that local communities consider her as one of their points of pride. In 1988 she signs a deal for a movie that will be made in Australia. Her role is Emma Jackson for the soap opera Home And Away that was extremely popular on the continent being watched by approximately 50 million people per week. Namely, this popularity of hers draws the attention of European watchers to an Australian for the first time. Till 1989, she is regularly and unanimously qualified as the Best Female Personality and Best New Star by the local magazines. The album Love And Kisses is sold 60 thousand times and reaches the 4th position till 1990 in music charts, when the Danni leaves the tv series the same year to record the two hit singles in London where she spends most of her life. Till 1991, 15 her singles take part in the UK chart: Love And Kisses, Success, Jump To The Beat and Baby Love. Dannii is an international star and by 1993 makes another smash hit that hits the top ten chart and drives her fans crazy.For a certain period of time Dannii quits her music performances in order to commit to another passion - the television, where in September 1994 she hosts BBC's Fan T ,a show with 2-million auditorium. 1995 brings Danni much more success when she features in the tv adventure series Scoop. She collaborates with MTv and later with Electric Circus . She participates in photo sessions for calendars, that are immediately sold out. Dannii keeps on hosting the show : Electric Circus over 1997, when she releases her third studio album in a rhythmic and dance style. All I Wanna Do that is a hit, that quickly climbs the charts and reaches the 4?th level. Danni goes back to Australia where the company : Mardi Gras records asks her to make the first ever gay and lesbian record label . Till the end of 1999 the engagements and performances are coming in piles, she even personifies Lady MacBeth - a Shakespeare heroine, presenting the play at the Royal Botanic Gardens for Edinburgh's Fringe Festival, resulting in thrilled audiences for three weeks to rave reviews.
A true workaholic, she keeps on working over different projects and before 2002 she contracts with London Records for recording an album called:Neon Nights. March 03rd 2003 Dannii releases her 6th UK single I Begin To Wonder, that she collaborated with producers such as Neimo, JCA, Ian Masterson and Korpi & Blacksell (Murlyn).

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Dannii Minogue announced the wedding of her sister Kylie with her French boyfriend Olivier Martinez .The event will be held in June.
22 March 2004
Warner Records closed the contract with Dannii Minogue for the sake of unsatisfactory sales. She is quite disappointed, but still considers that she can contract with some other company. She has not made music wonders hitting the top positions for a long time.
Her latest single: Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling reached the 5th position.
21 May 2004
... Mr Hatcher, who was appeared in a string of musicals and danced with pop acts including Hear'Say, Steps, Dannii Minogue and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, met Ms ... Suffolk Evening Star, UK
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