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Dave Matthew This talented man is the soul of Dave Matthews Band, where he is the vocalist and guitarist. Dave sees the light of the day 39 years ago in Johannesburg, South Africa and has a very nomadic childhood as his parents move from a continent to continent in search of better job opportunities. He lives in Westchester County, New York, then Cambridge, England to finally return with his family to South Africa in 1980 after his father dies. Six years later Matthew embarks on his own trip to USA in pursuit of a better living and settles in Charlottesville, Virginia, where his parents live before his birth. Namely in Charlottesville Matthew starts paying more attention to his music makings, having a bunch of piano and guitar lessons behind his back. He becomes a part of the local music community and gradually comes up with the idea for his own band set-up. Dave Matthews Band is formed in 1991 and the first gig takes place at a private rooftop party in downtown Charlottesville on May 11th 1991. Lately Dave has been performing without his band. His solo album Some Devil, released in 2003 earns him a Grammy Award for the single 'Gravedigger'. Off the scene, Dave is dedicating his time and efforts to his family wife Ashley and twin girls - Stella and Grace.

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Dave Matthews Band have been accused of unloading 800 pounds of human waste from their tour bus onto a passenger boat. The band is being sued for violating state laws amid claims their driver drenched more than 100 people in sewage, after he emptied the septic tank through a grate into the Chicago river. The group members are facing civil penalties of $70,000 for allegedly violating water pollution and public nuisance legislation. 29.08.2004

Dave Matthews is reported to appear on the forthcoming Robert Randolph and the Family Band album. His contribution to the still-untitled album, consisting of vocals, is on the song "Love is the Only Way." Other star to feature on the album is Eric Clapton. The album is scheduled for release in May. Jan.31.2006.

NEW YORK, NY Friday Aug.12.2005 /netmusiccountdown.com/ -- When Dave Matthews Band needed an actress to portray their "Dreamgirl," who better to call than ...
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