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David Beckham There are two key words for David Beckham - football and Victoria (Posh Spice). Football has been boiling in the blood of David since he started walking for the first time, while Victoria stepped into his life about ten years ago and since then is his eminent partner. David's primary passion - football, made his days longer and turned him into one of the biggest stars in this sport worldwide. His dazzling career started in Manchester United's Jr. Team at 16 to continue on the professional terrain two years later. With his charm and talent David fastly turns into the talisman of Manchester United, helping the team win a FA Cup and a Premier Division title. His gifted approach as a player infects the national team of England, by helping it advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup of Soccer in Korea and Japan, where the English lost to the eventual champions from Brazil. His successful professional path logically grows into a mind-sweeping transfer to Real Madrid ($40 million). However, David is making much more than football. He is the face of one of the most popular trademarks in the world, spraying us with his elegant charm from numerous posters and billboards! With his public behavior he has turned into a lifestyle icon. Each time he applies a change to his magnetic appearance, the tabloids explode With sensational news about the soccer superstar. With his partner in life Posh Spice, David forms one of the most brilliant and lifestyle families in the world. They take care of three beautiful sons and two dogs and never cease to be at the core of the spotlight.

David Beckham News

Soccer superstar David Beckham and his wife - Posh Spice were reported to have been let into the mystery of Kabbalah. The one to blame for that is pop diva and Hebraic scholar Madonna who has been a dedicated follower of Kabbalah for years. She managed to convert the top-notch family to that aspect of Jewish mysticism with growing popularity among celebrities, thus shedding new light over a family that is generally regarded as an epitome of commercial success. ... August 09
England captain David Beckham was publicly reproached by Animal rights group Viva! for wearing kangaroo-leather football boots as indelible part of his official player equipment. Their indignation reached such a level that British superstar was forced to scale up the security at his houses in Hertfordshire and Madrid. Viva! is membered by activists who apply cruel methods to defend their stance and represent serious threat to the security of David and his family. In his defense, David says that he would take into consideration the reproach, but this statement is reported to be guided by Adidas, that are the producer of the problematic shoes endorsed by Beckham.. ... Aug 15, 2005
Beckham leads Real Madrid to success over MLS All-Stars David Beckham contributed a lot to the victory of Real Madrid over MLS All-Stars in a friendly match. In the game whose result was the impressive 5-0 David scored 1 goal in the first half and gave a winning pass to Ronaldo for the second goal. ... Aug 15, 2005

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David and Victoria Beckham's son Romeo was rushed to hospital on Friday (29.07.05) over fears he had suffered a dangerous convulsion.
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