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Elizabeth ShueElisabeth Shue came into the world on October 6th, 1963 in Wilmington, Delaware. She grows up in South Orange, New Jersey. Elisabeth has 3 brothers. Her parents split while she takes the 4th grade at school. Both her parents work hard, leaving their children out of supervision. In consequence, they get into numerous acts of mischief such as: driving cars without licence, drugs use etc. Elisabeth manages to complete high school and enrols in Wellesley College . This manages somehow to tear her away from her previous lifestyle: drugs, alcohol and men. At the beginning of her college study, she starts looking for ways to get additional earnings. Elisabeth follows the examples of her friends, who go modelling or featuring in ads. At the hearing she manages to impress her producer with her athletic skills and is immediately given the chance to take part in advertisements. There Elisabeth performs cartwheels and flips, presenting a Florida theme park. Later, she makes clips for: DeBeers diamonds, Burger King, and Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Her acting career officially begins in 1984, when she gets a role in the series “Call to Glory”, that does not last long for the low level of interest on behalf of viewers. Some time later, she appears in the role of Ralph Macchio’s girlfriend in “The Karate Kid.” Elisabeth, however, does not interrupt her studies. She manages to complete the college and gets ready to enter an university. She wins scholarship and enrols in Harvard University to study Political Science. Meanwhile, she appears in TV and movie projects. In 1987, the future celebrity takes part in “Adventures in Baby-sitting”, and later partners Tom Cruise in “Cocktail” in 1988. Elisabeth stars in the TV series “Back to the Future” as well. She appears in “Soapdish” and “The Marrying Man” in 1991. Her screen presence is bright, but regretfully, the characters she is given to personify do not stand out in terms of profundity. However, everything changes when director Mike Figgis gives her the role that will unveil her talent. She stars in “Leaving Las Vegas” as Sera, co-starring Nicholas Cage. The movie is low-budget and risky in terms of revenue. However, it proves pretty successful and critically-acclaimed. Elisabeth Shue is nominated for Academy of Motion Pictures for Best Actress. Her following appearance is in the “The Saint” in partnership with Val Kilmer where she personifies a scientist. This time, the movie budget is really big. Since this moment Elisabeth Shue has the chance to pick her roles. She doesn't feel obliged to play good girls anymore, so she decides to experiment with new characters such as: the role of a disgruntled, aging and hysteric millionaire's wife in the thriller: “Palmetto.” In her leisure time she commits to her pastimes: gymnastics, baseball, tennis and her dog, Sonny. Presently, Elisabeth lives in Los Angeles with her husband: the producer Davis Guggenheim. Her brother: Andrew is an actor too. There are rumours spreading around that the filming of Edith Wharton’s “The House of Mirth.” is forthcoming, featuring the actress and Dustin Hoffman.

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Elisabeth Shue received a phone call from her colleague: Tea Leoni, who would star in a movie of the great Woody Allen. The latter had to shoot a love scene with the spectacled actor and director. Elisabeth Shue assured Leoni that Allen is very good at kissing and she wouldn't be sorry. Later, after the scene shooting, Tea Leoni confirmed Shue's words, adding that she had repeated the scene some times for she found him pretty sexy indeed.
Elisabeth Shue and Amy Brenneman gave birth to their children in one and the same week. Having two healthy babies, they align next to the famous mummies in Hollywwod. Shue's girl Stella came into the world on Monday - her second child by her husband Davis Guggenheim, ànd Brenneman's daughter Charlotte - on Tuesday, her first child by her husband Brad Silberling, a director.
Elisabeth Shue was feeling embarrassed that when going to Harvard, her colleagues and students would begin to treat her as a superstar. However, her embarrassment died away when she got to know that students were more captivated by the presence of another star: Natalie Portman.
According to the ranking for the sexiest actors in 1990, actress Julia Roberts holds the first position, followed by: Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, John Travolta, and Brad Pitt, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Will Smith. The last ten positions in the same ranking are occupied by: Helena Bonham-Carter, Halle Berry, Andy Garcia and Elisabeth Shue, with Steven Seagal .
... have all attended Yale. Elizabeth Shue, Natalie Portman and Mira Sorvino are Harvard people. (Sorvino graduated with honors and ... York Daily Record, PA - Jun 26, 2004
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