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Elisabeth HurleyElizabeth Jane Hurley was born June 10, 1965 in Hampshire, England, United Kingdom. She is a daughter of an officer and a teacher. Elizabeth grows up in
Basingstoke, England. Dreaming to become a famous dancer, she joins the school's ballet team at 12. However, some time later she goes back home. Being 16, Elizabeth pierces her nose, dyes her hair pink and listens to punk music. At 21, she makes her big screen debut in Bruce Beresford's movie Aria in 1987.She records several appearances in TV productions and in the movie: Remando al viento in 1987 partnering with the young actor Hugh Grant, whom she later dates. Elizabeth takes part in the BBC mini-serial Christabel in 1988. In 1992, she marks her first Holywood debut playing the role of a terrorist in partnership with Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57. The characters that she is offered to personify are not much to her taste: denuded of any depth, that's why she gets back to England. There her fame hits the sky and she is already very popular for two major reasons: 1. For the sake of appearing at the premier of Four Weddings and a Funeral (Grant's 1994 movie), where she is barely-dressed. and 2. Because of the fact that she becomes
a face of house Lauder, that signs a contract with her for the following reason: 1. Both Hurley and Grant founded Simian Films (''Simian'' because the two feel that Grant resembles a monkey) in partnership withCastle Rock Entertainment in 1994. They both produce the movie Extreme Measures(1996), starring Hugh Grant, Gene Hackman, and Sarah Jessica Parker. The movie is a medical mystery thriller, that turns out to be quite successful. Other successful projects come such as: filmAustin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997), which she stars in. However, Elizabeth deems, that such appearances do not match her identity. She considers herself as a more melancholic and more sophisticated actress. In England, Miss Hurley is more famous for starring in dramas and gloomy movies than in comedies. She gets the leading role in Dangerous Ground in 1997. As the English critics treat her appearances quite unfriendly she carries out immediately two projects that she stars in: Permanent Midnight (Fall1998), My Favorite Martian (Spring 1999), Ed TV (Spring 1999), and Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Summer1999), that she co-produces as well. Movies, that Elizabeth produces, are also Simian Film's second film, MickeyBlue-Eyes, which premiered Fall 1999. 2000 is fraught with engagements for the actress. She appears in the movie: The Weight of Water with Sean Penn and CatherineMcCormack and Bedazzled with Brendan Frasier. A great disappointment for her fans is that she is not the one to be honored to personify the sexy Lara Croft from the video game Tomb Raider. The role is played by Angelina Jolie .

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Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley spent together the night, after having an intimate dinner at model's English country home. They've been dating for 13 years despite the unpleasant incident in 2000 when Hugh was caught in the act with a prostitute. Since then, their relationship has lived through many phases and nobody could suggest that they would stay together. Until recently, Elizabeth Hurley dated the Indian businessman: Arun Nayar. The formula "good friends" does not work and does not influence the relationship between Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley. Now they are together again. 27 April 2004 (WENN)
Cosmetics impresario Estee Lauder died at 97 from heart attack. Cosmetic industry's president was among the most prominent figures in the branch,
as her company had contracted many celebrities for presenting its cosmetic products. One of them was: Elizabeth Hurley .
British actor Hugh Grant, ex-boyfriend of Elizabeth Hurley, finally unveiled the name of his new girlfriend, who he has been dating for 3: United Nations worker Kasia Komorowicz. He met her at the premiere of the Richard Curtis movie Love Actually .
The relationship between Elizabeth Hurley and her fiance Arun Nayar are not quite smooth. Problems stem from the family of the Indian, that stands against
his commitment to the English diva. The problem bases on the fact that Elizabeth Hurley is an actress, who is multi-occupied and cannot stay at a place for a long time. This means she will not be able to create a family in compliance with the inveterate traditions of India. Still more, her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant was noted around - a fact that would be greatly disapproved by the numerous relatives of Arun Nayar.
Hugh Grant spent $3.2 million on a new house, located close to the one of his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley. The distance between them is about 20 miles.
Elizabeth Hurley underwent the humiliation to star in a movie that mocked at her British origin and accent. Her latest movie appearances
are a real catastrophe: Serving Sara was totally smashed by critics, despite the fresh appearance of "the friend" Matthew Perry.
Elizabeth Hurley and her beloved - the millionaire of Indian origin: Arun Nayar desired to be called: 'Mr. and Mrs.' at their romantic trip.The couple stayed at a $1,431-a-night Cliveden Hotel in Buckinghamshire - a five-star hotel, that often hosts celebrities and businessmen (such as our couple) They looked amorous and happy. Rumours have it that they both celebrated something that made them shine brightly: their engagement.
The issue of GQ featuring the Countdown brainbox sold more than those featuring Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elizabeth Hurley. ... ITV.com, UK - Jun 28, 2004
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