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Ellen DeGeneres Ellen DeGeneres is one of a kind. She is a pioneer in her field: As the first out LesbiGay lead in a television sitcom. She has the daring and dignity to appear with her head up. No shame, no fear. To be proud of this. To be the only one. She was born on January 26th, 1958, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Her brother is 4 year older than her. She is raised with the religion of Christian Scientist. Ellen stops practising her religion after her parents split when she is 13. This is namely the period when she realizes her affinity to comedy. Ellen comments: "My parents divorced when I was thirteen. My mother was going through a hard time, and I would try to make her feel better. Then, moving around to different schools, I used it as a way to meet people. Instead of being the pretty girl people flocked to, I was the one who said something to make them pay attention." After her parents' divorce, she moves with her mother to Atlanta, Texas, leaving her father and brother in New Orleans. After graduating from high school, Ellen returns to New Orleans and begins working. She deals with different jobs such as: waitress, hostess, oyster shucker, law firm clerk, and even door to door sales. Soon Ellen discovers that it is not her style to obey somebody, to have a boss. Consequently, in 1981, when being 23, she accepts a position as emcee in a venue called Clyde's Corner. Later, she takes part in the competition "Funniest Person in New Orleans", coming out as the winner. That directly leads her to: San Francisco headlining as "The Funniest Person in America". In 1986, Ellen goes to Los Angeles, and works at many venues, including The Improve in Hollywood. The same year Ellen debuts in The Tonight Show, and the host is so enchanted with her gift that she becomes the first woman - comic actor, to be invited to sit on the couch after a first appearance. After all, she makes two attempts to appear in movies. Her first role is ditzy secretary in "Open House", and afterwards she plays a nurse on "Laurie Hill", before starting work in 1993 on a spring replacement show titled "These Friends of Mine" where she stars as Ellen Morgan. Producers like her performance and the series gains great popularity. The following season the series is renamed to "Ellen", after appealing to a great audience. In 1995, she appears in a great movie in concert with Bill Pullman: "Mr. Wrong." Ellen writes her first book as well: "My Point and I Do Have One". Then her second big screen movie comes: "Goodbye Lover". Her great time comes when she plays in "The Puppy Episode", aired in 1997, attracting a great deal of viewers: 42 million people in front of the small screens. 1999 turns out to be key for the personal life of the lesbian actress: she has a sexually romantic relationship with the actress Anne Heche. In consequence of their love, they set up a lesbian nest in Los Angeles.

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Hollywood heart-breakers: Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise managed to rouse the audience after taking the Olympic fire from the coast to Downtown Los Angeles. Among the 15 Olympic torch-bearers was the comic actor: Ellen DeGeneres. 17 June 2004
At a special screening on the occasion of the popular documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, author Michael Moore, a great deal of celebrities was present: Martin Sheen, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen DeGeneres, David Duchovny, Sharon Stone, Meg Ryan, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Chris Rock, Jack Black, Matthew Perry, Diane Lane, Marisa Tomei and Viggo Mortensen. They all showed their respect to the prominent director and his remarkable creation. 11 June 2004
Comic-actress Ellen DeGeneres won Emmy for her show: the self-titled sitcom Ellen. The happy laureate said: I should have been in daytime a long time ago. We have fun every day. It's the best job I've ever had." 24 May 2004
The sweet animation about the lost fish - Finding Nemo, was nominated and won 9 awards at the International Animated Film Society's 31st annual Annie Awards. The Pixar film was honoured as the best animated theatrical feature. Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich received best directing honors for it. Ellen DeGeneres got the award for best voice of an actor - for lending her voice to the absent-minded fish in the movie. 9 February 2004
In April 1997, Ellen DeGeneres says, "I'm gay!" and comes out to millions of viewers. Will and Grace are two roommates and best ...
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