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Famke JanssenFamke Janssen was born on New Year's eve in 1964 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It's curious that her two sisters are blond and blue-eyed while famke is a brunette.She begins to prove her worth as a model in Amsterdam , but working for Chanel and other popular brands she reaches New York City, where a glamorous career is awaiting her. The supermodel lifestyle is not quite appealing for Miss Janssen, so she enrols in Columbia University to study literature.In contrast to her co-workers, Famke is truly intelligent. She shares that her favourate authors are:
Vladimir Nabokov, and Jean Rhys.
Famke speaks several languages: Dutch, German, English and French.
Two years are needed for her acting career to get going, when Famke leaves Columbia: she starts studying acting with Harold Guskin.
She brushes up her talent by going and studying the same with Roy London in Los Angeles. She records her debut with: Jeff Goldblum in "Fathers and Sons". Later Famke stars in GoldenEye (opposite Pierce Brosnan) as the sexy Xenia Onatopp.These appearances are followed by several supporting roles in other movies such as: Celebrity (with Leonardo DiCaprio), The Faculty (with Jordana Brewster), Deep Rising, and The House on Haunted Hill. She marks an emblematic appearance in the comics-driven movie: X - Men , where she personifies Dr. Jean Grey which brings her numerous dividends and popularity growth. To the relief of millions of men, the beauty is already non-occupied, as she got divorced with her husband Todd Williams some time ago. She has recently been offered the leading role in the latest episode of Terminator - 3 , but she refused. Famke comments: "I would rather not work than play in a movie that nobody watches."

Famke Janssen News

The star Halle Berry agrees to take part in the third episode of X-Men . Initially, she had decided to quit such appearances, but the producers managed to
reason with her after promising the actress a more considerable presence of the heroine - by placing a more profound emphasis upon the character itself. Another beauty, amke Janssen, has already starred in the movie. 12 May 2004 (WENN)
Recently , Famke Janssen visited a birthday party hosted by her co-worker: the actor Sam Rockwell. Unfortunately, she lost her luxury purse and right after
that all party-goers dashed to seek it. The party was all ruined down. Similar happenings are characteristic of the star. This has already happened
when she lost a Marc Jacobs accessory and all people around had to embark on a thorough search.
Famke Janssen managed to infuriate reporters, declaring their waste of time while searching for any romantic traces in her relationship with Ben Affleck.
Soon after her separation with her husband (they broke in 2000) she declared not to be looking for true love and not desiring a serious relationship,
despite the allegations of media, that she had been lately noted in the company of Pearl Harbor's star; according to unchecked sources, they even slept together. Some time later, however, the sex machine threw him out as a rag, dubbing him: "just a friend"
The former girl of 007 Famke Janssen turned into a: dog-loving freak, a character that she disdains. She dresses her pooch.
the dog, that she puts clothes on, is called Licorice .
Sexy Famke Janssen will most probably star in Men In Black, but this time she will be a negative heroine.
No sooner had Famke Janssen jilted Ben Affleck that she flew to another branch as a free bird. The happy lover is unfamiliar to the public and remains incognito. The miserable Ben Affleck was jilted, says the actress herself for Daily Mirror, for not being interesting enough.

... n Saturday, July 3: Movie: Love & Sex (2000, IFC, 6:45 pm) Famke Janssen goes through many a sexual partner (makes sense—she’s Famke Janssen!), while Jon ... Salt Lake City Weekly, UT
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