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Francesca Annis Enchanting actress Francesca Annis was born in London. She is well-known to connoisseurs through: Roman Polanski's Macbeth (1971) and David Lynch's Dune (1984). Francesca is renowned as well for the multitude of publications over her personality in different tabloids and largely because of her romance with famous actor Ralph Fiennes, who was thoroughly commented in these editions, as well. Her path to stardom starts in 1958, when she enters a competition for the leading role in The Cat Gang. Then Francesca is just 14. Annis made a distinct impression on audiences and was soon advancing in such films as No Kidding (1960) and His and Hers (1961). In 1963, she plays Cleopatra thus winning critical acclaim and worldwide fame. Soon after shooting Flipper's New Adventure, she enters an audition for another leading role: Estella in the 1967 U.K. television series Great Expectations. After all, she manages to substantiate her incredible acting gift after performing her role-breakthrough: Roman Polanski's 1971 feature film Macbeth. The following years bring her memorable roles such as: Krull (1983), and Under the Cherry Moon (1986). In one of her latest projects she turns into Jacqueline Kennedy, which is very warmly applauded by the public. Francesca is probably more famous for the scandalous environment around her, more particularly - her relationship with Ralph Fiennes. They both discover in each other something that makes them leave their partners in life.It all happens after they play the characters of mother and son Gertrude and Hamlet in the play. Though the scandal causes quite a stir, her memorable (and BAFTA-nominated) performance in 1998's Reckless steered gossip hounds back toward recognizing her remarkable skills as an actress. In 1999 she reminds of herself again and the died-away scandal, after appearing opposite Fiennes in the film Onegin, a cinematic adaptation of a 19th century Russian novel. The following years also bring success to her career. The latest project she appears in is: The Vortex, a foreign .

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English actor Ralph Fiennes denied the rumours that he is standing behind the separation between: Jennifer Lopez and her husband Cris Judd. The English Patient is also popular with the fact, that he left his girlfriend: Alex Kingston to fall into the embrace of Francesca Annis. Speaker for the actor said: "What a load of rubbish. There is no truth in it whatsoever."
English patient and lover Ralph Fiennes is obviously on his way to separate with his current lover: Francesca Annis. According to insiders, the main reason is the actor's heavy schedule. Friends say that: "We are concerned for them as they are almost living separate lives at the moment."

... by Tom Stoppard. It won rave reviews when it opened with Ian McDiarmid and Francesca Annis in London in May. Both have been retained ...
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