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Franka Potente Franka Potente saw the daylight in German city of Munster on July 22, 1974 and was raised in the small town of Dulmen, along with her younger brother Stefan in the family of a father - teacher and a mother - medical clerk. Her childhood was static; while her father occasionally relocated to new teaching posts, they were still restricted to the Westphalian region of Germany, having only the right to move from one small town to another. As a student in high school she was indicative of the occupation she would one day take on; Then the moment came for her to do something crucial: at 17 she Franka's off-school vocations incorporate acting. Thus, acting she deals with acting jobs on the side, and makes her first screen appearance in the 1995 student film, Aufbruch.Franka is noticed and she soon plays in Nach Funf im Urwald (a.k.a It's a Jungle Out There). After completing her studies and work in Germany, she decides to perfect her skills and knowledge and resorts to The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York City. In 1997 she goes back to Europe again to resume her professional work in both German and French productions. The movie that makes her popular on a large scale is the low-budgeted Run Lola Run. It is, in effect, a role written especially for her. After the movie takes Eourope by storm, it has a North American premiere at the 1998 Toronto Film Festival before hitting the Sundance Festival in 1999. It sweeps the boards everywhere. After getting the desired success, critical acclaim and awards, Franka plays in four more German movies, most notably the horror film Anatomy (2000) and The Princess and the Warrior (2000), another Twyker project. In 2001 she makes her debut in an English-speaking movie: Storytelling. Following is her role in Blow, co-starring the unparalleled Johnny Depp . In 2002 she appears in the hit The Bourne Identity, partnering Matt Damon. Franka stars in Peter Greenaway's The Tulse Luper Suitcases, which debuts at the Berlin Film Festival in 2003. She can also be seen in the romantic comedy Try Seventeen, co-starring Elijah Wood, whom she reportedly dates.

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Lord Of The Rings star Elijah Wood finally unveiled that he had nothing to do with the German actress: Franka Potente, who she co-stars in the romantic comedy Try Seventeen. They both communicate on a purely professional basis, says Wood to the reporters.
Franka Potente, who takes part in Bourne Identity in concert with Matt Damon, has to say some unpleasant things about the latter. What she doesn't desire is to allow him get close to her hair?!?!Ċeven though he came to her rescue during a color crisis. The German says about him: Damon was the perfect gentleman throughout their filming experience and is keen to work with him again - but he's no hair stylist
WHAT: The world premiere of "THE BOURNE SUPREMACY" WHO: THE BOURNE SUPREMACY cast members Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox, Karl Urban, Gabriel Mann, Joan ...
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