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george_clooney Being one of the hottest actors on both small and big screens, George appears to be pretty familiar with the knack of keeping a consistently appealing face. Born 44 years ago in Lexington, KY, in the family of TV star Nick Clooney, George gets naturally accustomed to public appearances that perfectly grind his acting abilities and helps him rank among the most rapidly prospering actors worldwide. Before reaching the peak of stardom George spends ten years appearing on the TV screen in commercials and supporting roles in a bunch of television pilots and series such as sitcoms like The Facts of Life and Roseanne, and the drama Sisters. His contract with Warner Bros. gives him the great push with the start of the 1990s medical drama E.R. where he performs one of the leading roles, and the most charming one - for the female members of millions of households worldwide. Cloony's character brings him numerous benefits, presenting his acting makings in various light; the series' fans see him as a seductive lady-killer who gradually evolves into a steady, responsible man. E.R's smash success opens for Clooney the doors to the big screen; he is literally showered with high-profile movie offers. His first role in a big-budget project is an action hero in the Quentin Tarantino's horror extravaganza From Dusk Till Dawn. This finds him in a perfect acting shape, that successfully switches to other Hollywood projects such as: the romantic comedy One Fine Day, co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer; Batman & Robin, where he adds more vitality to the main fantasy character; Out of Sight, showing his action-movie eligibility; Kuwaiti-war-based Three Kings, performing as a brave American soldier; Ocean's Eleven and sequel Ocean's Twelve, one of his most popular appearances. His notable aptitude for interpreting different characters reaches its peak in the Coen brothers' throwback comedy O Brother Where Art Thou? For his profound portrayal of an escaped convict Clooney is awarded a 2000 Golden Globe. At the height of his acting career, George decides to try himself in the producing field, starting with TV projects like Killroy (1999) and Fail Safe (2000) to later score notable results with Insomnia (2002) and Collinwood and Confessions (2002). George's contribution to the movie world is enriched with his debut as a director for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. For the time being, he is definitely not taking a rest given the host of forthcoming releases, most of which with his production company, Section Eight.

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George Clooney finally released a word about his back problems that cut him off a great deal of various promotional appearances this year. The notorious actor stated that he finally found a solution to the nightmarish indisposition, agonizing headaches and short-term memory loss, that the injury had caused him. The remedy was found through a risky surgery that sent him to the recovery path, which, however, does not prevent him from the necessity to take powerful painkillers for his unfading headache. 27 August 2005

Hollywood star George Clooney has invested a great deal of both intellectual and financial resources in a striking Las Vegas resort project. In his large-scale initiative Clooney is partnering with nightclub operator Rande Gerber to accomplish 11 high-rise buildings housing hotel, restaurants, entertainment venues and casino over a two-year period of time. In Clooney's words, the resort, by project named Las Ramblas, will be designed to reflect his and his partner's personal tastes and interests. The impressive project will cost the investors $3 billion. 30 August 2005

George Clooney's star-studded political drama Good Night, and Good Luck has been chosen to open the 43rd New York Film Festival.
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