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George Michael Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou 41 years ago in UK, George Michael hits the stardom peak for the first time as a member of the duo Wham!. In the first half of 80's George and his colleague Andrew Ridgeley score a great variety of hit singles ranging from rap to up-tempo pop to melancholic ballads. George is the head of the group, contributing to its success with his songwriting gift and vocal makings. George's overflowing talent naturally evolves into his becoming a solo artist that brings him bigger benefits than ever. With his 1987's album Faith, George Michael conquers the top of all European charts, selling over seven million copies. The hit singles Faith and Careless Whisper rank among the emblematic songs of 80's. His following album releases Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 do not achieve the success of the first one, remaining in its shadow. The commercial failure of those releases makes George embark on a furious legal battle with his record company, which he regretfully loses. His new contract with the Dreamworks' music division brings his career back to life due to the efficient album promotion. In 1996's Older George discloses his soul in a movingly profound way. In 1998, Michael splashes onto the tabloid scene after being arrested for indecent conduct in a men's public restroom at a park near his home in Beverly Hills. Upon all the fuss around that case, George appears on CNN and publicly reveals his homosexuality. Meanwhile, a greatest hits package, 1998's Ladies And Gentlemen, is released and turns into a worldwide hit. One year later, a collection of millennial covers, dubbed Songs From the Last Century, comes up, featuring a jazzy interpretation of The Police's Roxanne, among others.

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Pop celebrity George Michael reportedly bought a controversial portrait of Britain's Princess Diana, painted by artist Stella Vine. The portrait depicts the late princess in an evening gown and features the words "Murdered? Pregnant? Embalmed?" in the background. The 41-year-old singer was a friend of the princess and hosted 'A Concert For Hope', organized by Diana in 1995 to raise money for AIDS charities. The sum George invested in the picture amounts to 25,000. September 01, 2005

George Michael and his boyfriend - Texas gallery owner KENNY GOSS are planning to sell their three-bedroom apartment in Dallas, Texas. The dwelling sale is due to the couple's initiative to obtain a bigger home that will have space to accommodate their dogs. They currently have three dogs but plan to buy two Labrador puppies, thus expanding the number of family members. Their new home is supposed to be in the same area. August 19, 2005

John's had falling-outs with Tina Turner, George Michael and Madonna, to name a few, earning himself quite the catty reputation.
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