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Gillian AndersonThe full name of the famous XFiles star is Gillian Leigh Anderson . She was born in 1968 in Chicago, IL, in the family of Ed and Rosemary Anderson .She is one of their three children. Her life is interesting, full of travels. She lived in Puerto Rico , then in London. Being 11, her family moves to Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she finishes primary school, and then high school. Later, Gillian goes to Chicago, where she enrols in a college. After acquiring BFA, she moves to New York, N.Y., featuring in several theatre plays, doing the same a year later in L.A. Before
getting the role of Dana Scully, she lives in Vancouver, Canada , where Gillian currently resides in with her husband and daughter.
In 1986, Gillian moves again - to Chicago, where after graduating from the college she attends Goodman Theater School at DePaul University (a major theatre
conservatory).Besides the university she visits the National Theater of Great Britain at Cornell Universityin Ithaca, N.Y. as well.
While 17, Gillian had the dream to become a marine biologist. But after realizing the opportunities that theatre presents, she embarks on the acting path.
While studying Bachelor of Fine Arts at DePaul University, she stars in ''The Turning'' in 1988. Her next move is to NY, where a serious theatre career follows: she plays in off-Broadway production of Alan Ayckbourne's ''Absent Friends'' and wins Theater World award in 1991. While changing places again - from one state to another, from a casting to another, from a stage to a stage, she manages to impress the public through her
performance in ''Class of '96''.Despite being episodic, her role is memorable and makes a stong impressions on the audience. Thanks to this, she gets the role of Dana Scully immediately in the fantastic series X

Gillian Anderson News
The star from X-Files Gillian Anderson suffered a bad accident. She had to be hospitalized in London, after falling downstairs in her London house. The
34-year-old actress, who personified agent Dana Scully, went to private Cromwell Hospital in west London with eventual back and hip injuries .
The star for the fantasy series Gillian Anderson postponed her wedding trip for fear of terrorist attacks in Kenya. She had to travel
along with the photojournalist Julian Ozanne in September, but the romantic wedding safari was put off.
Gillian Anderson intends to get married in an exotic destination. The plans of hers and her beloved involve a romantic safari in Africa.
Gillian Anderson, familiar to everybody from the series X-Files, intends to rejuvenate her life. Her boyfriend Julian Ozanne - who she has been dating for
five weeks - is her true beloved. In her words; he is the man, who occupies her heart .
The X-Files star recorded a suspiciously long stay in London's capital, where she has a house. Eyewitnesses saw her walk along the streets in the company of a stranger.
The X-Files star David Duchovny has confirmed that co-star Gillian Anderson is up for doing a second movie. The pair - Fox Mulder ... Digital Spy, UK - Jun 5, 2004
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