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Gina GershonShe was born June 10, 1962, in Woodland Hills in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles. Her origin is: Dutch, Russian and French. Gina's parents are: Stan - merchant and Mickey - interior designer. She grows up in California along with a brother and a sister who are older than her. As a young girl she hangs around her older sister Tracy, wearing out her clothes.Gina plays her roles ardently, with lots of passion - even when being a student at Beverly Hills High School, but she never becomes the typical Beverly Hills chick .Gina goes in for sports activities such as: surfing, playing sports and dancing. She has the very curious habit to smoke cigars, following the lead of her father. After the high school she decides to go to Boston, but sets out to San Francisco instead, where she studies at the American Conservatory Theater. Later, Gina goes to the east of New York City to study drama and child psychology at NYU. Her teachers are the famous: David Mamet and Harold Guskin. She begins her movie career on the stage, just like the one of most stars do. The beauty becomes a member of a New York based theatre group, Naked Angels .Some time is needed for her in order to advance the talent for acting and quit the appearances with the group. Gina goes to a hearing at 1986's Pretty in Pink - where she appears for a while. Later, she stars in Sweet Revenge and lights a cigar with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Red Heat. Her next role is the lover of ?om Cruise in Cocktail, followed by appearances in: Out for Justice, City of Hope, The Player.In 1995, Gina Gershon shows some parts of her body in Showgirls, personifying a stripper. Her next role is much riskier and incorporates lesbian love and caress with Jennifer Tilly in the gangster movie Bound. In 1997, she partners with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage in Face/Off .In 1998, Gina gets roles in: Palmetto, I'm Losing You, One Tough Cop, and Black and White. She appears on the small screen as well: in the Snoops series. In 1999, Gina co-stars with Al Pacino in: The Insider. Later, she competes with Silvester Stalone in Driven, and then comes: Claire's Hat, Demonlover, & Prey for Rock & Roll. Although Gina Gershon does not usually personify protagonists, she has a memorable presence.

Gina Gershon News
Gina Gershon starred in Prey for Rock and Roll , appearing in the leading role.
March 9 2004
Tripping the Rift is the new animation series, that will appear on SciFi Channel. One of the heroines is sound-screened by the beautiful actress: Gina Gershon .
March 4 2004
Gina will be one of the many participants in the show: "Roast of Denis Leary", that is aired in live.
Two new movies with Gina Gershon are forthcoming:Demonlover and Prey For Rock and Roll - music dramas.
The DVD version of "Picture Claire" has been released, starring Gina Gershon
"Borderline" on HBO - is the name of a TV film, that will be aired on a TV channel featuring Gina Gershon. She partners with: Sean Patrick Flanery and Michael Biehn .
... Looks at Military Inventions with Everyday Applications in Tactical to Practical - The Office Specials Air Exclusively on BBC CANADA - Gina Gershon Hits the ... PR Newswire (press release) - Jun 16, 2004
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