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Halle BerryHalle Berry sees the light of the day on August 14th, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio. She begins her amazing career as a supermodel, and later successfully switches to the big screen. Halle is the youngest daughter in the family of Jerome and Judith Berry - a trans-ethnic couple. Her father Jerome Berry abandons the family of five children when Halle is just 5. Her mother Judith, a psychiatric nurse, breeds her children all by herself. The hardships Halle encounters at the beginning of her life make her more resilient and resolute to fight fate and prove herself in order to reach her goals.At high school she deals with different activities: a newspaper editor, a president of the class. She becomes a member of a respected community, a dance team leader and a prom queen.Halle is later deservedly awarded with numerous recognitions such as: Miss Ohio, Miss Teen All-American, and in 1986 she is the first Afro-American woman, presenting her country at: Miss World competition in London. Halle studies journalistic at Cleveland's Cuyahoga Community College and works as a forecast speaker. After quitting this position she moves to Chicago, then to New York City, where she starts working as a magazine model. Her TV acting career begins in "Living Dolls". Later, the drama "Knotís Landing" appears. "Jungle Fever" is another movie, where Halle personifies a drugs addict in the company of the great actor Sam L. L. Jackson. Halle stars in other famous movies such as: "The Last Boy Scout", featuring Bruce Willis. She gets the leading role in the comedy "Boomerang" in concert with Eddie Murphy. The beauty acts in many high-budget productions, gaining great experience and many actors and producers would sacrifice anything in order to work with her. Her appearance in "The Flintstones" in the role of the seductive beauty is another key performance for her. Halle's next role is in the drama "Losing Isaiah" that manifests her ability to personify more sophisticated characters. Her beautiful appearance makes her ideal to play the black queen in "Solomon & Sheeba". For a while, at the making of "Jungle Fever" costar Wesley Snipes, she has a short romance with the actor, but, however, in 1993 she marries Atlanta Braves outfielder David Justice. Three years later they split. Divorce does not manage to ruin her down, despite the hard moments. She finds consolation in the company of Eric Benet, a jazz musician, in August of 1999 , who, some years later, she presents as her official husband after getting married to him two weeks earlier on a tropical island. However, some time later, their romance comes to an end too.

Halle Berry News
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are confronted with impediments in their desire to get married. The problems stem from the still existing marriage of Mark
with his wife Dayanara Torres. The divorce with her is invalid for the marriage was established out of the United States. This is quite an
embarrassing moment for the newly-formed couple. They both hired the well-respected solicitor Neal Hirsh, who had represented the interests of Halle Berry at her divorce proceedings regarding Eric Benet. 10 June 2004 (WENN)
Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry can now recover her breath after the court put a ban on a dangerous indruder to draw near her
at less than 100 yards. The order that forbids the fantasist Greg Broussard to approach the star in any way, is also valid for her publicist Karen Samfilippo and her manager Vincent Cirrincione. 9 June 2004 (WENN)
This is a notable date in the history of the MTV Movie Awards. Not for the event itself only, but also because of the fact that Eminem didn't miss the chance to act in his typical manner: to uncover his bottom to the faces of a great deal of beauties:Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Carmen Electra, Queen Latifah and Halle Berry. Some people, who are familiar with the life of celebrities, consider this act of
provocation as an attention-drawing advertisement. We all remember the exclusive performance of Michael Jackson's sister in a duet with Justin Timberlake. 9 June 2004 (WENN)
Halle Berry and Eric Benet, who broke a year ago for the unceasing infidelity of the latter, will now compete with each other for the Oscar awards.
The battlefield has now moved to the public area. Let the better one win!
4 June 2004 (WENN)
Actress and ex-model Halle Berry got positive results after taking legal actions against Navy SEAL, who threatened repeatedly her life and the life of her
manager and publicist. She aims at getting restraining order against Greg Broussard, who deemed that his fate suggested a marriage with the amazing mulatto. Craze is everywhere..... 27 May 2004 (WENN)
Catwoman is the latest character that Halle Berry personifies. Namely. this new image helped her recover from the total disappointment, that her ex-husband
Eric Benet caused her. She recently commented upon this in the lady's talkshow of Oprah Winfrey. 25 May 2004 WENN
Halle Berry agreed to take part in the follow-up to the mutant action X Men, after the producers offered her a longer appearance of her heroine-a queen
of storms and thunders. 12 May 2004 (WENN)
Halle Berry played the role of a psychoanalyst, but this time in real life. She had to calm down her Spanish friend and colleague Penelope Cruz on the occasion of her separation from the last samurai Tom Cruise .31 March 2004 (WENN)
The twice-married star of summer blockbuster Catwoman says she visits an emporium in Los Angeles called Pleasure Chest. If she still ... Ananova, UK
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