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Heather GrahamHeather Graham saw the daylight on January 29th, 1970, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She shows her worth as a rising star and a model. Heather completes her elementary school studies in Virginia, where she keeps dear memories from. Because her father was an FBI employee, she had to move often together with her family.
Heather graduates from Sumac Elementary, and soon afterwards from Lindero Canyon Middle School. During her stay at Agoura school, she is a mocking object for the others for the sake of being too shy and mousy. It is all quite embarrassing for the whole family: they have to accommodate to new conditions, to start from the very beginning every time. Heather's dream to become an actress dates back to her early childhood, fostered by the desire to be famous and have friends. She enrols in the University of California, in Los Angeles but two years later she quits it, being resolute to make an acting career.
The beginning of this career is not as outstanding as every beginner sees it. She switches jobs, all of them queer and unpleasant.
Heather personifies various characters in movies such as: "License To Drive", and the critically acclaimed "Drugstore Cowboy".
She appears on TV in the drama : "Twin Peaks", that shakes the whole world.
In 1997, she plays the role of Roller girl in the movie about the life of the exclusively "gifted" porno-actor John Holmes - "Boogie Nights" .
Heather has ? contract with Emanuel Ungaro. Before that she stars in other high-budget movies such as:"Lost In Space", "The Spy Who Shagged Me", with Austin
Powers, and "Bowfinger", which stars Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. All that refers to the talent and sex appeal of the actress Heather Graham.

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Mike Myers declared the forthcoming release of the new version of the senseless series Austin Powers. To date, "agent" Austin Powers' girls have been: Liz Hurley, Heather Graham and Beyonce Knowles .
Beauty Heather Graham, more familiar to the public through her appearance in Austin Powers, fell victim to love. Love's name is: Chris Weitz, a co-director of movies such as: About A Boy .
Heath Ledger known for his appearance in: The Patriot, where playing the son of Mel Gibson, was noted in the company of the 10 years older than him actress
Naomi Watts. His previous girl was Heather Graham.
Friends star Matthew Perry keeps on his romance with Heather Graham. They were both spotted together by gossip columnist Ted Casablanca at Hollywood's El Carmen restaurant .
Heather Graham recently stated that she was not obsessed with the constant theme: what do men do when being naked under the coverings.
In her words, she does not think about sex all the time, as the press had noted - journalists just mould the words in compliance with the most profitable for them reality.
... I knew my nights of hard schmoozing had paid off when I showed up on the set of Cake, the romantic comedy starring Heather Graham being shot in Toronto. ... The Globe and Mail, Canada - Jun 12, 2004
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