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Helen Hunt Helen Elizabeth Hunt came into the world on June 15th, 1963 in Culver City, California. She is the daughter of Gordon, a director and acting coach, and Jane, a photographer. Still at six, she dreams to become an actress. Her family moves to New York when Helen is just three years old. Her debut on the scene of the cinema world comes when she is just 8: in the tv series: Ark II, and later in a supporting role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

However, before making her breakthrough with Rollercoaster, in 1977, she appears in tv roles for novels and shows. Among the bunch of series she takes part in stand out: All Together Now, Death Scream, Having Babies, and The Spell. After graduating from The Providence High School, she appears in shows like: The Bionic Woman, Knots Landing, Family Ties, The Facts of Life, and Gimme A Break!, as well as in the TV film: The Quarterback Princess.As time passes by, her appearances on the big screen scale up. She plays in Peggy Sue Got Married, being the daughter of Nicolas Cage and Kathleen Turner. Helen also shoots for ̉he Taming of the Shrew, as well as for Our Town. In 1987, she plays in Project X, co-starring Matthew Broderick (whom she dated off-screen for a couple of years). Her appearances also cover: Next of Kin, Only You, and the Made-for-TV movies Murder in New Hampshire and Into the Badlands. Eventually, in 1992 she gets the chance to manifest her unmatched acting talent: in the movie The Waterdance. The year proves to be pretty fruitful for her in terms of appearances: Mr. Saturday Night and Bob Roberts. Helen's starring in the TV series Mad About You brings her 6 Emmy nominations, 3 Emmy wins and 3 Golden Globe Awards.In 1996, she plays a role in the blockbuster Twister, and some time later takes her Oscar for her outstanding role in As Good As it Gets. The series Mad About You keeps on appealing to the wide public till 1999, when it is closed. 2000 awards her with appearances in Dr. T. and the Women, where she co-stars Richard Gere, and later in the hit movie Pay it Forward, partnering Kevin Spacey. The same year she co-stars Mel Gibson in What Women Want, and in Cast Away plays the girlfriend who Tom Hanks never marries after going through hell on a desert island, in consequence of an accident. Currently, she is shooting From Alice to Ocean, Woody Allen film: The Curse of the Jade Scorpion, co-starring Charlize Theron; and the comedy Timepiece.

Helen Hunt News
Actress Helen Hunt is pregnant with her first child. The 40 years old potential mummy said that the happy father will be her boyfriend: producer Matthew Carnahan. They have been together since 2001. When separating for a while, Helen marries Hank Azaria, but later they split and she comes back to Matthew .
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