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RBorn O'Shea Jackson in Los Angeles 36 years ago to working-class parents, Ice Cube has made his name as one of the most influential representatives of the rap music genre. He proves that to step confidently on the rap scene and make a remarkable name there, one should cherish a great deal of makings and invest numerous efforts in cultivating them. His talent to write lyrics was first introduced to the world when O'Shea, a ninth-grade student, wins a local rap contest. That success motivates him strongly to team up with other talented guys in search of better experience and productive results. Thus Ice Cube gets acquainted with Andre Young, now known as Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E who join forces with DJ Yella and MC Ren to give birth to the group N.W.A. Their first gangsta-rap project, named Straight Outta Compton (1988), sends bold and provocative messages to the mass audience, undermining the name of public institutions and the order they impose. Due to lack of agreement with the N.W.A.'s management, Ice quits the group and starts pushing his way to the big rap scene on his own.
His earnest efforts are rewarded when his winning solo albums strike a good chord among the wide public with the forceful sound and biting messages to politics: AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted (1990), Death Certificate (1991), War and Peace, Vol. One: The War Disc (1998). While reaping the benefits of his albums, Ice decides to change the course of his successful career, by making a series of movie appearances: John Singleton's Boyz N The Hood and Higher Learning; Trespass. Ice expands his commitment to the big screen by showing talent in the field of screen writing and producing: Friday, as well as directing:
The Players Club. Other noteworthy projects he took part in are: Three Kings, Ghosts of Mars, and Barbershop. I

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Ice Cube's forthcoming project is focusing on race relations within the USA. For the lauch of the reality series, the rap star joins forces with reality producer R.J. Cutler. The project's design puts one white family and one black family under the same roof in the course of six weeks. The series actually represents a FX show that d8 Augustoes not meddle with the in-house life. The series will appear on TV next year. 14 August
Gangsta-rap star Ice Cube was negotiated by New Line Cinema to take part in Teacher of the Year - a story about two junior high school instructors that compete cruelly to gain the teacher of the year honors. Cube's latest projects he was seen in were: Are We There Yet? and XXX: State of the Union.14 August

Ice Cube on Google News   Ice Cube on Yahoo News

Cube Vision Prods. will be teaming up with reality vet R.J. Cutler for an FX series that examines race relations in the U.S.
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