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iman Iman Abdulmajid was born on 25 July 1955 in Somalia. The daughter of an African diplomat she graduated from the Nairobi University and speaks five languages. While working on her degree in Politology, Iman met the photographer Peter Beard. Her first appearance as a model was for American Vogue in 1976. Iman was extremely successful in the world of fashion provoking designers such as Yves St. Laurent, Versace, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. During the 14 years she spent as an active model Iman worked with top photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, Irving Penn and Annie Liebovitz. After her active career ended Iman devoted her attention to cosmetics. In 1994 she presented IMAN Cosmetics and Skincare Collection, and in 2000 IMAN Makeup. Iman is married to the musician and actor David Bowie. They have a daughter, Alexandria Zahra, who was born in August 2000. From a previous marriage Iman has another daughter, Zulekha, who now studies in a US college. Iman actively participates in charity campaigns such as Mother's Voices, Action Against Hunger, The Children's Defense Fund and The All Children Foundation.
Iman is one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but by conquering such diverse challenges as modeling, acting, raising a family, and fighting for a better world, she has made herself one of the most respected too.

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David Bowie and his wife Iman refused to follow the example of Madonna and Elizabeth Hurley and dress their baby in the ridiculous but recently established way of dressing.
Iman’s father, a strict Muslim, is still sceptical of his daughter’s career as a model. When he is a guest at Iman’s house, David Bowie makes sure that all works of art that might be viewed as erotic are well hidden…
David Bowie and his model wife, Iman, frequently visit in the spring to entertain friends and family......., UK - Sep 3, 2004
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