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Isla Fisher Isla Fisher was born on 3 February 1976 in Muscat, Oman. She lived also in Cebu, Brunei, Iran, Cambridge and Perth. She left Australia as an ex-soap opera star and went to London in May 1997. Upon her arrival in England her face appeared on the covers of many magazines and TV program brochures. Simultaneously Isla studies drama in Paris. Although Isla often appeared in magazines for men and so she shouldn't have had problems with finding a guy, love didn't arrive that easy. Among her lovers stand out Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, a multi-millionaire and a recording producer, and Darren Day, an actor and TV presenter, whom she was close to marrying in the end on 1999. Their relationship, though, didn't last long as most of Darren's other relationships with women. An important role in her life played Isla's family. She has four brothers who taught her to fight for her dreams. From her mother Isla inherited the love for writing. When she was 9 years old Isla starred in a TV commercial. Having appeared in several other commercials Isla was given a role in the Australian TV serial Bay City and in Paradise Beach, in which she demonstrated her acting talent. Isla played three whole seasons in the soap opera Home and Away, which made her a favourite heroine of the audience. While still starring in Home and Away Isla found time to finish two novels with the help of her mother's. News

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Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen announced his decision to marry his girlfriend Isla Fisher. Sky News, March 6, 2004
The ex-star from the serial Home and Away Isla Fisher accepted the leading role in a major American movie., February 24, 2004
... Isla Fisher was at the World Premiere of "Scooby-Doo." ..September 7, 2004
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