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Janet JacksonJanet Damita Jo Jackson sees the daylight on May 16, 1966. “She is the youngest of 9 children. In 1973, when only 7 year-old, she appears in a show of her famous brothers. Four years later, Norman Lear offers her a job in Good Times on CBS. Following are appearances in TV shows such as: Diff'rent Strokes A New Kind of Family. In 1982, when being just 16, Janet launches her debut album. At that time she experiments a lot, searching for the best style and matching public. Janet embarks on a tour, at which she meets the members of the band The Time - Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Two performers, who play a guiding role in her career. In 1983 Janet takes part in Fame. The following year brings the young talented lady her teenager's love James DeBarge. In the autumn of the following year she rejects her marriage with him and gets back to her parents. The same year Janet turns into reality her second album: Dreamstreet, which is not quite welcome by her fans and does not enjoy critical acclaim. The album that helps Janet rise as a star is Control, released in 1986. This is her first but not last album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. This hit album generates 6 winning singles, climbing high in various charts. This evolution drives Janet into expressing herself better in music, accomplishing an incomparable rhythm and memorable style. She spends the following 5 years making dance remixes of her songs. In 1989 Janet makes available her following album: Rhythm Nation 1814. In 1993 she starts appearing in the production of John Singleton: Poetic Justice. Two years later she joins her brother Michael in the hit single "Scream". In 1996 Janet gives life to her project: Janet Jackson 1986/1996 Design of a Decade. The album contains the best of her music for the last 10 years. In 2000, she partners Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor II: The Klumps. Janet creates the popular single "Doesn't Really Matter"

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A fan filed a sue against Janet Jackson for $120 million, after being beaten by the singer's bodyguards. Rumours are spreading around that New Yorker Leonard Salati was welcome by the singer, but after daring to hand her a personal note, the bodyguards assaulted him in an aggressive mode...Washington DC (Conservative Times) Feb. 16, 2005.
Scandalous super star Janet Jackson posed nude for the cover of her 2004 album release. She was photographed with her hands covering her breast, wearing jeans only.
Janet Jackson's left tit became the most searched for image in the history of Internet
With the 2005 Super bowl just past, one recalls the episode involving the "awful" exposure of one of Janet Jackson's hooters, during national TV coverage of last year’s Super Bowl.**** Washington DC (Conservative Times) Feb. 16, 2005.
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