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Jennifer LopezJennifer Lopez sees the light of the day in Castle Hill area of New York's Bronx on the 24th of July, 1970 and grows up in Blackrock Avenue. Her father David is a computer technician and her mother Guadalupe works as a teacher in a kinder garden, somewhere in Westchester County. Jennifer has two sisters:Lynda (a DJ, VJ and entertainment reporter) and Leslie (now a housewife and opera singer). In order to keep her children away from the street life, Guadalupe incites them to deal with Arts: dancing, drawing, acting. Salsa and merengue are the favourite dances of the family whose roots belong to Puerto Rico. The three girls grow up with the thriving ambition to turn into celebrities - they watch numerous movies such as West Side Story, that have an enormous impact on them. Jennifer indulges in dancing and singing when being just 5. At 8, she enrols in: Catholic Holy Family high school in the Bronx. Four hard-working dancing years follow before she moves to Preston High School. There Jay shows her worth as athlete, pursuing softball, tennis, gymnastics and track events. She grows up with R&B and the new electro and hip-hop culture, pretty popular at that time. Jennifer is 15, when she starts dating the cutest boy of the suburb: David Cruz. They date in the course of 9 years. Two years earlier, she has the bad luck or rather the luck to get off lightly from a terrific accident. Jennifer escapes the catastrophe with fright and smashed nose. At 16, she gets her first role: Myra in Connie Kaiserman's My Little Girl. This appearance, however, is not the one to open her the door to the great career of a star. It rather gives her experience and helps her take a look at the hardships of reality lying ahead of her. She enrols in Baruch College in Manhattan and in harmony with that, she earns her living at a law office, while keeping on dancing at night. Because of the numerous occupations and activities she goes in for, Jennifer stays only one semester at the college. Her mother, however, does not give in
and continues to support her daughter in her showbusiness-pursuing initiatives. Jennifer moves to the building where she has won scholarship to study dance - for a short period of time. She makes short appearances in musicals, in local productions of Oklahoma and Jesus Christ Superstar. Jennifer's hopes for breakthrough and success are completely shattered when she fails at the casting for dancers for the Wayans brothers' comedy show, In Living Color. Jennifer feels everything has fallen to pieces - she is on the verge of despair. Fortunately, she has the good luck to be approved of by the Japanese tour of choreographer Hinton Battle's Synchronicity. After her comeback from the tour, she gets a phone call from Hollywood, confirming her admission to Living Color and she is offered to join Flygirls, the dance group whose routines open and close the show, choreographed by Rosie Perez. Her travel to West coast does not satisfy her. She finds the atmosphere unbearable, her sole relief comes when her boyfriend settles with her there. In 1994, however, their relationship comes to an end, after he decides to return to Bronx, in order to initiate a dry-cleaning business. This is definitely not the life, that Jennifer wants and they split. Living Color is a real hit - a real plunge-board for rising stars such as: Wayans brothers, Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock. While working with Perez - the choreographer, Jennifer gains great experience: experience and love for performance and acting. Thanks to Keenan Ivory Wayans, she stays in the show for two years - quite enough to reach professional confidence and material safety. Later, she quits the group, taking part in numerous video clips as the
most memorable one is: Janet Jackson's That's The Way Loves Goes. Jennifer appears in The Crash Of Flight 7, starring Lindsay Wagner and Robert Loggia, where she plays heroic nurse Rosie Romero. Next, she takes part in three TV series that prove quite successful: Second Chances followed by South Central and Mosley family .
In 90's that bring a fundamentally different lifestyle, she appears in her first blockbuster co-starring two celebrities: Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes - whom her ex-choreographer Rosie Perez partners in White Men Can't Jump some. Money Train is her debut. The movie itself is nothing outstanding, according to critics, but represents a significant step in her career.Later, she plays another emblematic role in: Jack - a movie by Francis Ford Coppola, where she partners Robin Williams.Although this movie does not copy the success of the previous one, she keep on acting: with Jack Nicholson in Blood And Wine. Later she gets her first leading role in Since My Family. This brings her the fully-deserved Golden Globe nomination. In February, 1997 she marries to Ojani Noa, who offers her
marriage in an exclusively romantic way. Jennifer's movie career evolves headlong - she takes part in a horror: Anaconda, co-starring Jon Voight. U-Turn is another movie featuring her, there she lives though a love story with Sean Penn's character. Later Jay partners with another great Hollywood- George Clooney.Out Of Sight paves her path to the Oscars. She has the equal success on the music stage performing in Puff Daddy's Been Around The World video, and co-singing with Latin star Marc Anthony on his Te Conosco Bien. Movies starring her grow in terms of value and audience: The Wedding Planner is a romantic comedy, where she personifies a wedding agent, who falls in love with the customer and they live through the impediments of separation and the initially impossible love together.
Angel Eyes - she is a police woman, who saves a man from an accident. Her eyes are the only thing that the injured keeps in memory since then. Later, she responds to his love and will open another page in his life. Personally, Jay Lo lives through a long relationship with Ben Afflec, whom she plans to marry to. Later, however, they split (without reaching a marriage) and she finds consolation in the company of the singer Mark Anthony, whom she intends to get married to. But impediments block the way again - to embitter the well-being of the popular actress and singer. Her beloved cannot get divorced with his wife, for the laws in the country that the marriage took place in, don't allow him to enter a marriage with another woman before getting divorced. They are both looking forward to the moment when legal impediments will cease standing on their way to their peaceful co-existence.

Jennifer Lopez News
R&B superstar Jennifer Lopez rejected her forthcoming music project. According to sources, the reason lies with the fact that J Lo is pregnant with her first child. She had to shoot American Darlings in September, but the coming maternity will interrupt her public appearances for a certain period of time. The baby is by her third husband - singer Marc Anthony, whom she married to earlier this month.23 June 2004 (WENN)
Ex-fiance of Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck, celebrated his victory at the Big in California Poker Tournament. The price of $356,400 could not be compared to the sum that the actor is given for each movie appearance. But obviously, something else matters to him more: the victory thrill. 22 June 2004 (WENN)
Rumours have it, that J Lo intends to quit her movie career in order to commit herself to music. This is possibly due to the fact, that she has to have more things in common with her current partner in life - singer and musician Marc Anthony. 22 June 2004 (WENN)
Jennifer Lopez denied the rumours, that the manager of her beloved Marc Anthony - Tommy Mottola, will establish an agreement with her. The information is bogus and has never had anything in common with the company of Lopez.
21 June 2004 (WENN)
According to close friends, Ben Affleck was terrified, when getting to know, that his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez got married to her ex-boyfriend - Marc Anthony just five months after her separation from Affleck . 18 June 2004 (WENN)
Jennifer Lopez got married to Marc Anthony. The ceremony was also attended by the solicitor of Jay, who handled her case concerning her second marriage. 15 June 2004 (WENN)
HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - Jennifer Lopez was caught on camera, climbing out of her limosine, tugging madly at her back side in an effort to "re-adust" her thong ... The Spoof (satire), UK - Jun 29, 2004
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