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Jeri RyanJeri Ryan is the actress that gained worldwide stardom as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager, that joined the Boston Public in the fall 2001.This is her identity. Jery was born on the 22nd of 1968 under the name: Jeri Lynn Zimmermann. She is the daughter of parents, residing in Munich, Germany.Jeri moves to US with her parents as a child. There she constantly switches places: Kansas, Maryland, Hawaii, Georgia and Texas by age 11. Her family settles in Kentucky where her father retires on a military pension. Her mother, a housewife, starts the career of a social clerk. Jeri graduates from Lone Oak High School in Paducah in 1986 and enrols in Northwestern University, where she gets B.A. in Theater in 1990. While being at the college, she gets various titles, after entering different competitions. One of these titles is: Miss Northwestern Alpha Delta Phi Pageant in 1989.She wins a competition for talents for her performance of "On My Own" - by Les Miserables, and features in a swimsuit contest. In 1989, Jeri Ryan becomes Miss Illinois and the following year she enters the competition Miss America pageant, where she wins the swimming suit contest and occupies the third place at the final stage.All that resembles the career of a skin-deep beauty, but while being at school Jeri also wins a National Merit Scholar. After graduation, she plunges into her acting career and professional evolution. Many TV appearances follow such as:
Melrose Place," "The Flash," "TimeTrax"and "Matlock." Jeri also stars in NBC - Dark Skies. While shooting Dark Skies, she manages to record appearances in some independent productions such as the tragicomedy: Men Cry Bullets. Afterwards the time for: Star Trek: Voyager comes. She has been featuring the series for four seasons already. During Voyager making, Jeri records episodic appearances in David E. Kelley's high school drama Boston Public, a successful TV series. Jeri considers, however, that the role that fits her to the utmost is the mother of her
own child: Alex.

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Ex-husband of the heroine of Star Trek: Voyager, lost the chance to become an American governor. Jack Ryan had the desire to become a governor
of Illinois. That happened shortly after the divorce with his appealing wife Jeri Ryan. 28 June 2004 (WENN)
STar Trek's beauty, more known as Seven of Nine, will not stay unemployed for a long time. David E. Kelley has already reserved her appearance for the
FOX drama: Boston Public.
Producers of Star Trek: Voyager persistently kept in secrete the truth about the end of the famous series. This is all an advertising trick,
that will make the fans of the series be ready for the ultimate final, says the series' star: Jeri Ryan
Ryan's former wife, actress Jeri Lynn Ryan, says he took her to sex clubs in the late 1990s and asked her to engage in sexual activities in front of other ... Wisconsin State Journal, WI - Jun 27, 2004
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