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Jessica BielJessica Biel was born March 3, 1982, in Ely, Minnesota. She is a magnetic model and actress. A great woman indeed, who could provoke most men's hearts throb excitedly. Her screen career starts in 1996, when she plays the role of Mary Camden - a daughter of ministers in the TV hit : "7th Heaven" . She has short appearances in "Ulee's Gold" in '97 and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" in 1998. Jessica grows up in Boulder, Colorado . At 9, she plays in "The Sound of Music", "Annie", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Anything Goes" .In 1994 , Jessica meets her producer: Jeff Morrone, from Innovative Artists , who's been working with her to date. Numerous people dream of the future that was awaiting the young actress and model. Under the critical eye of her father she works as a model.Jessica appears on the cover of Sassy Magazine in '96, Teen and Moxie Girl in 1998 . The prestigious People Magazine also features her in '99, where she is named to the top-class ranking of 50 most beautiful people on Earth.Jessica Biel radiates charm and sex appeal, needed to succeed and break through. The problem she's been recently facing is whether to keep on her movie career abd continue being attacked by merciless journalists regarding her naked pictures in Gear magazine, or turn her back on popularity and start living as an ordinary person. Namely, this appearance threatens somehow her career. For this reason she declares her decision to close the contract with "7th Heaven". This takes to court the magazine. Things look stable till the moment, when the beautiful Jessica has her blond hair cut at the beginning of the new season of the series in 1999 . Later she infuriates the producers again declaring her desire to see her heroine in a sex scene with one of the priests in the series. Her weird character brings her the nickname "little bitch", say people from inside the series team.She is a high school honor student and enjoys singing and dancing. Other pastimes of hers are photography , rollerblading, collects vintage glasses.

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The hopes of Briny Spears to play Daisy Duke in TV series Dukes Of Hazard are seriously threatened by her competitor: Jessica Simpson. All this, however, is still in process. Among the possible competitors is also Jessica Biel.
The TV star Jessica Bile has a person to calm her down when being under pressure. The star herself confides in journalists about this. The one to support her is the hunky co-star Freddie Prize Jar , who is engaged with the sexy vampire killer - Buffy : Sarah Michelle Gellar. 27 February 2004 (WENN)
... Balfour, who plays the drug-addicted Gabe on HBO's "Six Feet Under"; Jonathan Tucker from "The Deep End"; and "7th Heaven" actress Jessica Biel, showing Buffy ... Washington Post - Jun 25, 2004
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