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Jessica SimpsonListening to her singing: In This Skin, you could discover many things: love, sex, romance, sweetness, maturity, calmness. You could hear the voice of a woman, who wants to be independent but staying true to her heart, to her belief in love. The songs in her album make a significant impact on her fans. All of her songs result from the happiness and the other emotions lived through by the singer in person.
The beautiful blond is married to her multi-year boyfriend Nick Lachey from the band 98 Degrees. In This Skin is personal, real, womanlike, profound and pleasant. Jessica is freedom-loving which could be felt in: "Sweetest Sin.", written by
hit maker Diane Warren and produced by Ric Wake. Being a triumph of love and marriage, love-making, "Sweetest Sin" marks the new direction in the life path
of Jessica. Each one of the songs is pertaining to a certain period of her life. "Underneath," is an emotional ode for romantic love during Nick and Jessica's relationship when the pair embarked an ill-fated separation. Jessica Simpson takes her step in music field with Christian music. Born and grown up in Dallas, Texas, she was sharing bills with notable names such as: Kirk Franklin and Ce Ce Winans, while being at one of the high schools. At the beginning of 90's, Jessica Simpson signs a contract with Columbia Records.Sweet Kisses - is her debut, released on the market in 1999, followed by the hits: "I Wanna Love You Forever," "I Think I'm In Love," and "Where You Are." She remembers: I was 17, toured around the globe, saw many things and did everything the way I wanted to do them. After Irresistible hits the market, she begins pondering over the idea to become an actress. She plays a supporting role in "That 70's Show", and shows her worth in one of the episodes of UPN's "The Twilight Zone." However, music remains her great passion.

Jessica Simpson News
Jessica Simpson took legal actions against the New Jersey-based promoter - for breach of contract. The conviction required $140,000 . 4 June 2004
It's obvious that, the so-desired by Britney Spears role of Daisy Duke in the series The Dukes Of Hazzard will be most probably given to Jessica Simpson.
She was chosen by producers, although the list of names desiring the role is really long. 24 May 2004
One of the first thing that Stephen McPherson, ABC's newly appointed entertainment chief, did was to close the contract with Jessica Simpson. She had to be interviewed for a TV newsmagazine . 24 May 2004
Just a day before presenting the ads for the new series, ABC and Disney TV channel producers began giving evasive answers to the questions regarding the series. According to the press, the planned comedy series, featuring Jessica Simpson, will be removed from the program schedule, while
Fleet Street, starring James Spader and William Shatner, is still on the list ...
18 May 2004
Pop star Jessica Simpson has problems, especially after parents showed their indignation at the new line of edible body creams, presented by the star. According to them, she encouraged children to involve the products in sex games and other similar act of misbehaviour. 14 May 2004
Jessica Simpson brought her unpretentious girl-next-door personality to Riverbend on Wednesday night, singing her heart out in a spunky performance for about ... Cincinnati Post, OH
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