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justin_timberlake This talented young man Justin Timberlake has established himself as one of the trademark stars in the showbusiness horizon. Born 24 years ago in Memphis, Tennessee, Justin fittingly proves that his birthplace is a generator of stars that gave to the world idols Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Justin grows up as a talented child with clear interest in performing to the public. His affinity to public performances is perfectly cultivated in "The All New Mickey Mouse Club" where he starts acting at the fragile age of 12, co-starring Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and JC Chasez. The latter would later be his partner in making 'N Sync one of the most successful boy bands worldwide. The notorious group scores great hits for the period of six years, when Justin participated, with the release of three remarkable albums, one of which - No Strings Attached - went double platinum in one single week. In 2001 Justin broke with the group in search of a wider scope of fulfillment of his makings. His solo initiative proves pretty successful, almost doubling his large fan base throughout the world. Justin's first solo album "Like I Love You" turns into a dazzling hit due to the winning singles - "Like I Love You" and "Cry Me a River". It's indisputable that Justin owes to a great extent the glitter of his fame to his playful charm and elegant sex appeal. He has conquered the hearts and minds of numerous girls that simply remain speechless when getting a glance from him. In Justin's words, the perfect woman is an epitome of sense of humor, intelligence, self-confidence and charm. He probably found those features in cute actress Cameron Diaz, who Justin has been dating for almost three years!

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Timberlake Launches a New Clothing Line Following the example of many of his show business colleagues, Justin Timberlake took the plunge into the fashion world by deciding to launch his own fashion line, William Rast, in co-operation with his best friend Trace Ayala. The line is named after their grandfathers who had a strong impact on their mind-set. The style of the clothes combines country features with elegant elements. The first collection of the fashion line is expected to be launched in New York's Bloomingdales only. 25 August

Justin to star in a Hollywood project Hip-hop teen idol Justin Timberlake will take part in a movie ("Killshot") that bases on the 1989 novel by Elmore Leonard. "Killshot" will present the story of a married couple who find peace in Cape Girardeau while escaping from a group of hitmen. According to the producers'schedule, Justin and his movie partners - among whom are celebrities Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke, will start shooting scenes in the southeast Missouri town CAPE GIRARDEAU in late December or early January, as the filming is planned to take three days. 24 August

Justin Timberlake will play a soldier who dates a nymphomaniac in his next movie. .
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