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Kate Beckinsale Kate Beckinsale is the actress, who starred in the $130 million blockbuster Pearl Harbour, in concert with Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett. Kate is young, well-favoured, appealing and gifted. She is sexy and magnetic. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer says about her: she has an astounding style, being able to fuse with her character to the utmost. Her incredible acting talent allows her to switch from a humorous to a dramatic character beyond reproach. She reminds me of Meg Ryan some years back - concludes the director. Before escaping the shade of her famous father - comic actor Richard Beckinsale, star of Rising Damp, The Lovers and Porridge - Kate needs some time. Timewhen she will have to prove herself numerous times, learning a lot in order to succeed. Kate saw the light of the day on July 26th, 1973. She is just 5 when her father goes away and leaves her to the cares of her mother - actress Judy Loe. When her prominent father dies, the whole nation grieves about him. In the course of years everybody mourns over him and his unhappy daughter. That keepsher down - as if nobody pays attention to the fact that she is alive and kicking, a personality that desires to succeed.All that makes her more aspired to go on daringly and confidently. She describes herself as "a furious and passionate child". Later, at 9, she is deeply embarrassed by the relationship of her mother with the director Roy Battersby and her moving to live at his place. She has share one and the same place withBattersby's daughter and four loud sons. She keeps quite clear memories from those times, remembering how "invaded" she felt hoping her mother would not marry again. The impact of Roy Battersby on her, however, proves to be quite fruitful. Her stepfather orientates her to the area of acting. She enrols in a public school at Godolphin and Latymer, getting high scores there. Battersby himself encourages Kate in her resolve to succeed. Her father's fame keeps on chasing her. She falls victim to anorexia, suffers nerve crises. Kate gets thin to a large extent but through the support of her mother and stepfather she recruits her strength. Kate qualifies this recovery as: "the best thing that ever happened to me". Later, she has the desire to enrol in a drama school, but decides to go to New College, Oxford instead, in order to study French and Russian Literature.As a professional actress she has the common ups and downs on her way to stardom. One of her misfortunes is the missed chance to star in: Cathy in Wuthering Heights. Juliette Binoche gets the role in the last minute and the chance to haunt poor Ralph Fiennes. After a consecution of various performances she gets the key opportunity to star in: Pearl Harbour. There she personifies Ben Affleck's lover, nurse Evelyn Johnson. 2002 brings her another successful role: in Laurel Canyon, where she is the lover of Christian Bale's character. She can be seen in Denim Invasion, co-starring: Orlando Bloom. Kate appears in Tiptoes - a comedy, playing the role of the pregnant girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey. There, however, she meets the tiny actor Gary Oldman, falling in love with him. 2004 is the year when Kate returns to the big screen with another hit movie: Van Helsing. The actress already has certain experience with vampire characters. We can see her in Underworld, where she personifies a sexy vampire. However, the greatest challenge for her is the role of the legendary Ava Gardner in The Aviator.

Kate Beckinsale News

Hollywood star Kate Beckinsale was blessed by her ex-partner Michael Sheen before tying the knot with director Len Wiseman on Sunday.
The 30-year-old star of Van Helsing broke with the Welsh actor who she had been dating for nine years, during the making of Underworld. Despite the separation, they remain good friends. 11 May 2004
British actress Kate Beckinsale got married to Len Wiseman in Las Vegas.
3 May 2004


Actress Kate Beckinsale loathed her experience during the making of 'Pearl Harbour' because the movie bosses had made her feel inferior about her looks. ... Webindia123.com, India - Jun 4, 2004
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