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Kate WinslateKate Winslet was brought into life on the 5th of October 1975. She is one of the most successful actresses nowadays. The testimony to this statement is the fact that in 1998 she became the youngest actress ever to be twice nominated for Oscars (for her roles in Sense And Sensibility and Titanic).
As a schoolgirl, she weighs 185 pounds and has to bear the insults and mockeries of the others. She is dubbed: Blubber. Now things are completely different. She is a star that illuminates the Hollywood horizon.Kate Elizabeth Winslet is her full name. She was born in Reading, Berkshire, England. Her father is Roger and her mother - Sally Bridges - Winslet. Kate has two sisters: Anna and Beth, and a brother named Joss. Acting appears to be a family feature. Her relatives played in vaudeville. Her grandparents performed for the Reading Repertory Theatre. And her uncle appeared in many productions as the most popular is: Mr Bumble. While being 10, her father suffers a bad accident. This gloomy happening does not prevent Kate from desiring to grow as an actress. She takes part in many school plays, having the support of her artistic family. Later, Kate enrols in Redroofs Theatre School in Maidenhead. The success hits her shortly: at 13 she features in some episodes of: Shrinks and Casualty. She plays her leading character in 1991, personifying: flame-haired renegade Reet in Dark Season. The following project, which she takes part in actively: Anglo Saxon Attitudes, wins the Best Drama Serial at the BAFTAs. These appearances help Kate gain her rich experience. Meanwhile, she switches focus to the comedy series Get Back, created by Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks. She also appears in Heavenly Creatures - drama showcasing her evolving acting skills.Kate's popularity grows at a frenetic pace. She stars in comedies, dramas - that help her perfect her talent for the big screen.1996 is the year when she partners Kenneth Branagh in the screen version of Hamlet. Two years earlier, she enters a competition for the leading role in the filming of another classic work: Frankenstein, but the role is given to Helena Bonham Carter. Similar misfortunes overtake her when desiring to play other classic roles such as: Romeo & Juliet, where she is rejected for being too old for the character. After all, fate is benevolent to her and she will co-star with all the famous actors she wishes.Kate wins deservedly the role in James Cameron's Titanic, where she acts amazingly. This time, for the role she competes with celebrities such as: Gwyneth Paltrow. After the success of Titanic, other lucky moments come: second ?scar nomination, interviews, fame and suggestions. Kate decides to commit to low-budget productions, where she could feel calmer: Hideous Kinky is one of those. Some time later, however, she starts dating the 3rd Assistant Director Jim Threapleton, whom she later marries to. They both have a daughter Mia, but regretfully, in December, 2001they split for the sake of Threapleton's "unreasonable behaviour". Threapleton himself confesses not to have been very happy in his co-existence with a celebrity .After all, life keeps going on and Kate stars in Quills with the actor Geoffrey Rush - the filming of the eccentric life of Marquis De Sade .Kate makes an unsuccessful attempt to produce and star in Therese Raquin. Right afterwards she decides to retreat to England and begins acting in: Enigma, a British WW2 drama. 2001 is the year of another dramatic appearance for Kate: Iris. At the end of the same year, she begins dating the famed theatre director Sam Mendes, who two years earlier sweeps the board at the academy awards with American Beauty. Later, they both get married in a secret ceremony in West Indies in May, 2003. The same year she stars in: The Life Of David Gale. Later, Kate meets challenges such as: Romance And Cigarettes, co-starring with: Steve Buscemi and Christopher Walken. Her collection of awards also contains: the prestigious BAFTA award for her role in: Sense And Sensibility, as well as Grammy, in 2000, for Best Spoken Word Album For Children.

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Hollywood legend Woody Allen got infuriated to know that Kate Winslet, who he had reserved for a role in his latest movie, reported her intention to
spend the time with her children; daughter Mia and baby son Joe, instead of acting in the movie. 29 June 2004 (WENN)
Kate Winslet changed the shooting rhythm of Woody Allen. All that happened, after she saw her busy schedule.
According to in-the-know sources, she preferred being with her children, whom she owed more cares. 25 June 2004 (WENN)
British actress Kate Winslet happened to be at the core of a real drama on the set of the upcoming movie Romance & Cigarettes - when a fire broke out.
She was acting in a part of the movie when the special effects devices gave rise to a fire. Everybody abandoned the shooting platform immediately.
Fortunately, there happened to be off-duty New York firefighters around, who put out the fire professionally. No injuries. 17 May 2004 (WENN)
Recently journalists compared the two English actresses: Kate Beckinsale and Kate Winslet. The stupid question of a journalist was met by
Kate Beckinsale this way: The fact that we are both English does not explicitly mean that we know each other. Kate Winslet in turn comments: "In fact, we have something in common: we both have daughters and make sex with directors" May 2004 (WENN)
Kate Winslet's decision to withdraw from Woody Allen's next film project at the eleventh hour, doesn't seem to have ruffled his feathers, rather he fully ... 123Bharath.com, India - Jul 3, 2004
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