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Katie sees the daylight on 18 December 1978 in Toledo, Ohio, USA, under the full name Katherine Noelle Holmes. Her professional debut is "The Ice Storm" (1997). According to some people, her success is a sheer luck, but in the opinion of those who are more closely familiar with her, it all comes in result form strenuous work and great efforts. Playing a supporting role in this movie, she proves her ability to play completely well-defined, full-featured characters. At first, she starts with TV appearances. Katie takes part in "Dawson's Creek" - a teenagers' drama. She also plays Lola in her high school production of "Damn Yankees". Among her roles figure some not that good appearances, whose failure are not her fault. For instance: "Disturbing Behavior" (1998), does not manage to attract the attention of critics, despite her immaculate performance. A year later come "Teaching Mrs. Tingle" (1999) and "Go" (1999), where she plays a student pursuing her much-older professor. Some time later she gets back with Tobey Maguire in "Wonder Boys" (2000). "The Gift" (2000) is a movie, featuring her a as a bad-tempered Southern beauty, which raises her image additionally. Her movie appearances increase and she takes part in "Abandon" (2002) - her first mature leading role. 2003 brings her a role in the movie of Joel Schumacher: "The Phone Booth." According to insiders, the actress is to be showered with numerous opportunities. Nevertheless, she is remembered with her roles in movies such as: Pieces of April" and "The Singing Detective" (2003), co-starring the celebrities: Mel Gibson and Robert Downey, Jr.

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Irish actor Liam Neeson will join the team, who will shoot the next episode of the series about the blurred hero from comics and a favourite for many generations: Batman. He will play the role of the caped crusader's nemesis and will be co-starring: Christian Bale, Katie Holmes and Sir Michael Caine...
20 February 2004
Celebrities Katie Holmes and Chris Klein entered into a marriage after the short time of relax they had for Christmas. They have been together for four years and finally took the long-expected decision. 2 January 2004
Phantom Of The Opera is the movie, in connection with which - director Joel Schumacher is looking for youthful faces to feature it. Up till now, many celebrities have been cast aside: Colin Farrell, who couldn't sing. John Travolta - who could, but was too over-aged, as well as the beauty Katie Holmes, who has overstepped 24, thus getting far away from the required age of the character.
Katie Holmes 's decision to withdraw from Woody Allen's next film project at the eleventh hour, doesn't seem to have ruffled his feathers, rather he fully ... 123Bharath.com, India - Jul 3, 2004
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