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keanu_reeves He is more than cute. He is exotic in any sense. Let's start from the place of birth - Beirut, Lebanon, 41 years ago.What an adventurous place of origin for a Hollywood star. Actually, one of the most off-beat actors that Hollywood knows. Probably, his intriguing past has contributed a lot to his shaping up as a breath-taking celebrity. Keanu's first passion is hockey but is soon eclipsed by his real obsession - acting. He drops out of high school in eager pursuit of his ardent dream that takes him to several television performances in minor roles. His tv experience gives him the good chance to successfully try his skills on the big screen. The project Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) rockets him to prominence overnight! The teens go crazy upon seeing him, he is a real star at the age of 25. The diverse range of movie roles that Keanu takes convincingly demonstrate his passion for taking on all colors of challenges. He plays an obsessive FBI agent who enters the world of surf outlaws in Point Break (1991), a homosexual in My Own Private Idaho (1991), an unlucky lawyer who entangles with the vampires in Dracula (1992), a big-budget action hero in Speed (1994), a romantic guy in A Walk in the Clouds (1995), the devil's son in Devil's Advocate (1997), an irreverent supernatural detective in Constantine (2005), etc. Undoubtedly, the character that completely conquers the heart of the movie-going public is Neo from The Martrix trilogy!What does a multi-talented actor like Keanu Reeves do in his free time - simply devoting to his other makings such as bass-guitar playing for the band Dogstar, as well as motorcycling, and last but not least - ballroom dancing. As to his intimate life behind the scene - it is off-stage indeed. Keanu ardently keeps his privacy intact and keeps his ground barely invaded by the mainstream media "tentacles".

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Hollywood hearth-throb Keanu Reeves put a secret end to his bachelorhood, by getting married to his girlfriend Autum Macintosh. The quiet civil ceremony reportedly took place at a small restaurant in Los Angeles in the company of family and friends. It was not until they both introduced themselves as man and wife at public events that the world got to know about the happy event. June 08, 2005

Keanu Reeves recently appeared in The Big Apple at the opening of the "Rare Birds" photo exhibition by Brit "It Girl" Amanda de Cadenet. The event took place at New York's Staley Wise Gallery. Scraggly-bearded Keane looked as inscrutable and enchanting as ever in his pinstriped suit, T-shirt and Hush Puppies. September 19, 2005

SURELY millionaire Hollywood hunk Keanu Reeves is able to afford some new clothes.
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