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Lil Flip Dubbed the Freestyle King, Lil' Flip shows early indication of his music talent that leads to his affiliation with DJ Screw, whose mutual project Screwed Up Click proves to be pretty a successful one. This partnership inspires the promising rapper to work hard in improving his skills and search for independence as a performer. Young talents leap to stardom comes after he releases the independent Leprechaum album. The release turns into a real rap hit on a national level and earns Lil' Flip a contract with Universal Records when he is barely 20 years old. The major-label agreement is followed by the release of Undaground Legend in 2002. Due to the hot singles "The Way We Ball," as well as a remix of "I Can Do Dat," Lil' Flip gets established as one of the South's most promising young rappers of the early 2000s. In 2004 the star returns with the even more successful Gotta Feel Me. The double-disc spawns a couple of major hits such as "Game Over (Flip)" and "Sunshine" that earn Flip the right to compete for the King of the South Crown. His latest album, I need Mine, was released in February 2006. Along with the album releases, the rap star records a string of mixtapes, most notably the Freestyle Kings series, which reaches its sixth volume in 2005.

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The first of Flip's tag-team albums will probably come this year in the form of a collaboration with David Banner. The two have recorded three keepers for the LP so far. "We gonna be the down South version of Redman and Method Man," Flip said with a rare smile. "We're gonna make it big. Right now we're going with the [title of] Mr. Crunk and Mr. Laid Back. When we do tracks together, I bring the best out of him and he brings the best out of me."

Two people were injured outside the club where Lil Flip was performing live early Sunday morning. As Lil' Flip performed inside, two people were shot on a corner outside the Quest nightclub in downtown Minneapolis. No arrests have been made so far, according to police. December 05, 2005

... take his hype nationwide. In this exclusive, Slim speaks on setbacks, G-Unit comparisons and Lil Flip's hoe tendencies. ...
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