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Lindsey LohanLindsay Moran Lohan was born in New York City, New York on July 2, 1986. She was lucky to be noticed when she was just three years old. For the first time, she appeared as a Ford Model. Lindsay participated in many advertisements. Some of them were for The Gap, Jello, Pizza Hut and Wendy’s. When she was 7, Lindsay participated in a David Letterman show, called “Things You Find on the Bottom of the Subway”, dressed as a beggar. This role was her first job as an actor. In 1996, she played her second role with a part in the soap opera Another World. In 1997, she got a call from Nancy Meyers, who offered Lindsay a role in the remake of a hit comedy series from 1961, The Parent Trap. In 1998, the shots for the new series started and Lindsay started playing the parts of the twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James. She received a Young Artist award for Leading Young Actress shared with Jena Malone (Stepmom). Lindsay received a proposal from Disney to participate in three pictures. She played a supporting role in Inspector Gadget (1999). Lindsay’s next appearance was in the Wonderful World of Disney production of Life-size (2000). In 2000, she also participated in the serial Bette as the daughter of Bette Midler. The produced of the serial decided to move the shots from New York to Los Angeles, which made Lindsay give up the serial. In 2002, she started shooting in Disney Channel Original Movie of the Month, Get a Clue (2002). After the shots were finished, she took a short rest. At that time Lindsay decided to test her chances in music. She was able to make contact with the right people easily, because the larger part of her life was spent in show business. In September 2002, the music producer takes Lindsay under his wing Estefan. She signed a contract for five albums with Estefan Enterprises. Lindsay was able to make a break with her song “Ultimate”. She returned to the wide screen in 2004 with Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. In a few months after that, Lindsay played an unforgettable role in the movie Mean Girls (2004). When she is not busy with movie shots, she likes rollerblading, swimming and doing gymnastics.

Lindsey Lohan News
The hostility between Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan is renewed. Hilary blames the beginning of the hostility on the star from Mean Girls. The two of them are at odds again after Duff announced her engagement to Lindsay's ex-boyfriend, the singer Aaron Carter. September 16, 2004
Lindsay Lohan's mothers reproaches paparazzi speculating with the plan of her daughter for marrying Wilmer Valderrama. Actually, the couple has only exchanged “promise rings”. The star from Freaky Friday was hiding the fact that she was dating the 24-year-old Valderrama, until she turned 18 last month. August 27, 2004 The father of the teenage actress Lindsay Lohan forbids all access of show business people to his daughter for at least two months. He does not want to see how they exploit his daughter. Lohan's father and mother live separately. August 26, 2004
Mean Girls star Lindsey Lohan's minders are worried she's gaining a reputation as Hollywood's biggest brat and have told her to cool it before she damages a promising career. Lindsey, 18, parties harder than Britney Spears, enjoys underage boozing, trashes fans and gets into wild fights with her actor boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, if he so much as speaks to another girl**** Sep 18, 2004
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