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We all know the classic tale about the ugly duck that grows up as a beautiful swan. Liv Tyler starts her career as a model at 14, right after the puberty introduces some crucial improvements to her physique. Topping off at over five-foot-ten, and endowed with blazing blue eyes, flawless porcelain skin, and coltish limbs, Liv is a natural at aping sultry sophistication. She manages to break into the fashion world comparatively fast, appearing on the covers of fashion magazines such as Seventeen and Mirabella. Right after the release of these photo sessions, the divine Liv Tyler gets obsessed with the idea to become an actress and to vortex on the shooting stage. Her first character is the older sister of an autistic boy in the Bruce Beresford straight-to-video drama Silent Fall (1994); The following year brings her the next role: in Empire Records (1995). These roles are not distinctive enough to encourage her to go ahead and she quits acting for a while. Some time later, however, she plays in the movie directed by the Italian Bernardo Bertolucci: Stealing Beauty. This outstanding appearance marks her breakthrough on the big screen. In 1996 at the Can's festival, Stealing Beauty competes for the prestigious awards. French critics literally fall in love with the inspiring performance of Liv Tyler.Liv Tyler is the fruit of the eight-month relationship between the ex-Ford model, Playboy Playmate, sometime singer, and rock groupie Bebe Buell and the prominent frontman of Aerosmith: Steven Tyler. For a very long period of time Liv considers the rock musician Todd Rundgren, who lives with his mother, as a father of hers. After all, her birth certificate claims this namely. At 10, she meets the other daughter of Steven Mia at a concert of Aerosmith and there Liv for the first time questions the "validity" of Todd Rundgren as her authentic father. The resemblance between Mia and Liv is so conspicuous that finally Liv dares to ask her mother about the truth. After getting to know who is her biological father, she takes his name immediately. Some time later she appears in the company of the teen goddess Alicia Silverstone in her father's now-classic music video for Aerosmith's "Crazy" in 1994. Liv becomes an instant sex symbol, a "video vixen". There is no way to overlook the astonishing face likeness between Liv and Steven: the tick lips, piercing eyes. The next movie appearance of Liv is a true hit: Tom Hanks's directorial debut, That Thing You Do. The following roles are a real triumph as well. She co-stars Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck in Disney's Armageddon. Liv plays in Onegin, a film adaptation of the classic Alexander Pushkin novel that will star Ralph Fiennes in the title role. It is also impossible to miss the opportunity to mention her exciting roles in Lord Of the Rings, where she play an elph princess.

Liv Tyler News
The pregnant Liv Tyler is feeling fine, after undergoing a birth crisis on Saturday. She was having a dinner with her husband Royston Langdon, actor Mark Wahlberg and his partner Rhea Durham at The Pearl eaterie on Massachusetts' Nantucket Island, when she passed out at the table, refusing to get emergency aid, offered at the restaurant. She visited Nantucket Cottage Hospital for a check-up. Her speaker David Nesmith says,"Everything's fine. She just over-extended herself on a most beautiful day. They took her vitals and determined that she had too much sun and too much of a good time shopping with the girls earlier in the day while Roy golfed. She and the baby are fine." 8 July 2004
Pregnant Hollywood beauty Liv Tyler is doing "fine" after she fainted in a restaurant on Saturday. The actress was dining with husband ...
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