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ll_cool_j It is peculiar to know that LL Cool J has ever had a different name. Born James Todd Smith in Queens 37 years ago, LL Cool J would later turn into one of the emblematic figures on the rap scene, whose performing magnetism and innovative approach to rapping make him pretty a good name in the world of show business. His brilliant hip-hop career, however, appears to be at times eclipsed by the various deal of movie appearances he scores starting in the 1980s. LL Cool J leaves behind his back a wide array of movie and TV film roles such as: rap movie Krush Groove, cop movie The Hard Way (1991), fantasy Toys (1992), prime time TV sitcom In the House (1995-1999). The star can be seen unfolding his dramatic makings in the romantic comedy Woo (1998) and crime dramas Caught Up (1998) and In Too Deep (1998). He makes notable movie roles in 1999's projects Any Given Sunday (1999), an Oliver Stone's sports drama, and Deep Blue Sea. LL Cool J gives a further push to his acting talent by taking part in action movies such as Charlie's Angels (2000) and Rollerball (2002). The star later stretches his repertoire by starring in the romantic comedy Deliver Us from Eva, where he perfectly slips into the role of a ladie's man. In addition to stepping in front of the camera, LL Cool J also lends his voice to the animation Rugrats Go Wild (2003). The latest project he features in is the FBI thriller Mindhunters (2005). While scoring hit after hit on the big screen, LL Cool J is just as productive on the music scene, leaving 9 hit albums in the history of rap music world inheritage, such as: Radio, Walking With The Panther, Bigger and Deffer, Mama Said Knock You Out, 14 Shots To The Dome, Mr. Smith, Phenomenon, All World-Greatest Hits, G.O.A.T.

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Lions Gate Films signed a multi-picture deal with LL Cool J for a succession of movies on the romantic side of performance. The company stakes on Cool J's prominent attractiveness to women. The first movie in the deal will be a remake of "Fatal Attraction, where the star will portray a guy who goes too far away in his adulterous affair. As "Attraction" gets moving, Lions Gate will develop two more projects for the star who will get a producer's credit on each movie. June 15, 2005

"Mindhunters" with LL Cool J. It's about FBI agents on a desert island, and people start to get killed. Eventually, they realize the killer has to be one of their own people. It was good.
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